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Just outside of Seattle, a short 30-minute drive in fact, the town of Woodinville stands with miles and miles of split rail fence. Despite the fact that the town of Seattle can keep you busy for days and days, if its wine your after you must enter the split rail fence of Woodinville. The town has many boutique wineries which serve an amazing variety of wines within their split rail fence.

To get the most of your experience when touring Woodinville and its split rail fences, you will need a basic knowledge of wine and tips for the best places to see.

Here are some things to consider so that you can get the lay of the land inside the split rail fence!

What are the basic types of wines?

This is usually the first question that any non-experienced wine lovers want to know before entering the split rail fence of a winery.

The mass commercial market for wine today, either red or white, is dry. Along with these you will find that wineries put out a variety of fortified wines, dessert wines, and sparkling wines from within their split rail fence. There is much more detail, but these are the basic types you will come into contact with in and out of the split rail fence of most wineries.

Is wine seasonal?

Wine itself is not necessarily seasonal, but what you eat with it is. Vineyards grow pretty consistently inside their split rail fences year- round.

For example, mild red wines go great with fall vegetables and meat like turkey, rose pairs well with Spring dishes, while white the Summer recipes, and dark reds cold Winter month edibles.

What is proper behavior inside the split rail fence of a winery?

Often times if you are not an experienced wine connoisseur you can easily be intimidated once inside the split rail fence of a winery. When handed a glass of wine you may be at a loss for words.

Keep in mind that although wineries are very proud of the selections that they have masterfully crafted inside the split rail fence of their vineyards, do not be afraid to say that you do not care for a particular wine. Every aroma and bouquet are not going to appeal to everyone.

Why do wineries have spit buckets in their tasting rooms?

The basic reason is simple, if you are doing a full tasting inside the split rail fence of a winery you will taste MANY! High end wines contain a lot of alcohol and can intoxicate you quickly.

A “tasting” is for just that! Not consumption. Therefore, do not be shy to spit out your samples.

If you visit Woodinville, you will experience a load of charm, pride, and of course great wine within the miles of split rail fence enclosing the many Warehouse District Wineries.

Woodinville is great for experienced tasters or newbies! Each and every one of the winemakers invite you inside their split rail fence despite your expertise!