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If you have the space in your home adding a wine cellar and/or tasting room is a must if you love wine! Some people prefer a simple room with a tasting table and a couple of chairs and a wine rack while others want a more authentic tasting experience with a cellars and wine tasting rooms combined.

Either way, you can get the look and ambiance you are after with beetle kill pine lumber. From paneling, to racks, to furniture to flooring beetle kill pine will give your wine tasting room an exclusive atmosphere.

Wine Tasting Room: Custom Classy Designs

If your budget allows for an extravagant beetle kill pine tasting room design, it with a Gentlemen’s Club aura in mind. This is a look that never fails because although it is simple the elegance is flawless.

If something more romantic is your style use beetle kill pine to create a Tuscan inspired tasting room. This will have a more authentic feel as though you are sitting in a vineyard.

– Or –

Pair beetle kill pine racks and furniture with stone walls and flooring for a more traditional tasting room.

Wine Tasting Room: Don’t Forget Some Color

When most of us envision a tasting room, we do not think of color. However, don’t be fooled by commercial tasting rooms that are usually more rustic. Giving a splash or two of color in the tasting room to compliment the soft blue hues of the beetle kill pine your tasting room can have a hint of flamboyance. This can be done with artwork, fabric selections, or stemware.

Wine Tasting Room: Lighting is Key

Since most tasting rooms are on the lower levels or basement of a home natural light is not accessible. This actually works for a tasting room. You want your beetle kill pine tasting room to be romantic, secluded, and relaxing. Therefore, choosing the right lighting is essential. Since your will probably only have a couple light sources you want them to be extravagant. Strategically placing them can really allow you to capture the character and fine detail of your beetle kill pine.

Wine Tasting Room: Flooring

Your tasting room is yours and yours alone! This means that you can really add some personal flair to the design and décor. Beetle kill pine looks amazing with stone or tile! Choosing the right texture and color of either one is another effortless way to highlight your beetle kill pine.

Wine Tasting Room: Seating Area

There are a lot of options when it comes to seating for your tasting room. To compliment your beetle, kill pine you can go with freestanding tables and chairs or built in booth like seating. You can have this furniture made out of beetle kill pine as well or use another wood or material to compliment it.

Wine Tasting Room: Wine Coolers

You will find that one of the largest expenses of your wine tasting room will be the refrigeration system that you choose. This will take some research and you should select it prior to any construction because you will want to build around it with matching beetle kill pine that you already used. Without proper concealing your refrigeration system can detract from the finished look of your tasting room.