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The short answer? Of course!

When it comes to upgrading your property, decks are one of the go to options for homeowners.

Extending your living space and adding a bit of character to your property, wooden or composite decks will give your home a whole new aesthetic.

So who wouldn’t want one?

But, to digress back to the original question of whether or not a cedar deck will last in Denver, choosing cedar decking for your project will have virtually no issues. And here’s why:


Cedar Decking is an optimal choice for outdoor projects

Yes, it’s true.

There is one key feature inherent to Cedar Decking that no other material has – a natural resistance to moisture, decay and even insect damage.

If you’ve done any prior research about materials, or if you’ve been around the block enough to know first-hand, then you know that moisture can be incredibly detrimental to wooden projects.

Upon absorbing moisture, wooden materials will become water logged, swollen and can even shrink – thus altering your entire project and affecting the overall structural integrity.

But not with Cedar!

In an environment like Denver, where we see a decent amount of snow in a “dry” climate, the moisture resistance provided by your Cedar decking materials will have no issue lasting 10, 15 or even 20 years!


Cedar Decking is environmentally friendly

Compared to other types of building materials, Cedar decking has the smallest environmental footprint.

Plus, it’s renewable and biodegradable (which is a given, seeing that it’s a naturally made material).

So how does that relate to Denver?

The world is going green!

With plenty of public discourse focusing on saving the planet and being as eco-friendly as possible, choosing the most environmentally friendly material will do two things, right off the bat:

You’ll know that you’re doing your part to help the environment while achieving an affordable, durable and very beautiful deck.


Final Thoughts

When selecting materials for an outdoor project, homeowners definitely want to know if the material will last and what kind of maintenance will be needed.

If it has a chance of not living up to its expected lifespan, then homeowners will likely steer clear.

If it has an obscene amount of maintenance required, it won’t even be considered.


Cedar decks will have no issue lasting more than a decade, and simply stain your deck once every year or two to maintain and that’s it!

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