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Ceilings are not necessarily taken into consideration when it comes to decorating. However, designers are calling it the “fifth wall”. That is why they should be given a lot more attention than just a layer of white paint.

Using material is a boundless way to decorate your ceiling and change the entire feel of a room. Beetle Kill Pine is an amazing naturally occurring product that is not only stunning on walls but can be used for ceilings as well.

If you are not familiar with this product it is a must see. The beetle kill pine lumber is created by the infestation of the mountain pine beetle. Once the beetle takes over a tree it leaves behind a fungus that eventually gives the wood a blue tint. This blue hue remains after it is harvested and makes for a unique product.

Besides its visual appeal here are some other reasons why you should consider using beetle kill pine on your ceilings:

Use a Beetle Kill Ceiling toBring Out Architectural Detail

If you are lucky enough to have ceilings with architectural detail, then using beetle kill pine to panel them will highlight these characteristics.

“Lower” A High Beetle Kill Ceiling

Most of us love high ceilings and the regal feel that they give off. However, sometimes ceilings can actually be too high. This can instantly take away the intimacy of a room.

Using beetle kill pine will obviously darken the ceiling returning warmth to the ambiance.

Settle Down Busy Décor With a Beetle Kill Ceiling

Bold colors and wallpaper are really trending right now! Using beetle kill pine on the ceilings can calm some of the daring choices that you have made by creating some visual balance.

Whether your décor is traditional or modern beetle kill pine will compliment it to the fullest.

Make Your Beetle Kill Ceiling The Focal Point

If you have a new build with an open floor plan and large rooms, you most likely need to create some focal points. Using beetle kill pine on the ceiling can help you create “zones” in your sprawling floor plan.

Cover Up Weird Ceilings with a Beetle Kill Ceiling

If you have an older home especially a period home, you may be frustrated with awkward “A Frame” ceilings or other impractical configurations. By using beetle kill pine to panel them you can create a more appealing look by bringing them out so to speak.

Visit Rocky Mountain Forest Products today to see our selection of beetle kill pine. We offer mill direct pricing on our beetle kill inventory making us the most competitive in town.