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If you’ve been a customer of ours for a while, you’ve probably heard us toss around the term “mill direct.” Due to RMFP’s decades-long relationships with our lumber mills, we’re able to offer high quality products at low costs to our consumers. Maybe you’re just now hearing this term for the first time, not to worry! We’ll break down exactly what it means to be mill direct and how it can benefit your next project. 

We all know Rocky Mountain Forest Products isn’t exactly like other companies in our industry. RMFP likes to challenge the way business is done and look out for its people and relationships every step of the way. And that starts with offering products directly from the mill.

What Does ‘Mill Direct’ Mean?

So, what’s all this fuss with “mill direct” about? Simply put, mill direct means that the product comes straight from its origin (the mill) directly to our lumber yard. Unlike big box stores, RMFP’s products are not handled by middlemen along the way. When materials are required to pass through the hands of many third parties, the quality greatly declines. Hence why many people often find broken or damaged materials when at places like Home Depot or Lowes. 

When you purchase products directly from the mill, you can be sure of premium quality. Beyond its cosmetic appearance and more durable structure, mill direct ensures it was not passed through various people along the way. Mill direct quality along with our devoted relationships to our customers is what RMFP prides itself on.

If you’re still not convinced mill direct products are worth it, here’s a bit more insight to consider. A typical lumber distribution chain (non-mill direct) starts in a forest where the trees are grown. The logs are cut by a logger and then transferred to the mill to be cut into lumber. From there, the lumber goes to a remanufacturing facility where the product is specialized with any features it needs for the product it has now become. After this, the lumber is transported to a distributor. From the distributor, it finally is transferred to a retailer (ie. Home Depot). 

It’s safe to say that many, many people come in contact with materials on their way to a customer’s home. Some people just need the materials at an affordable cost and aren’t concerned with the journey it takes to get to them. For others hoping to maximize the life of their materials, this is certainly not the way to go.

Why Choose Mill Direct Materials?

Mill direct lumber is without doubt some of the highest quality products available, especially in our Colorado market. When you shop mill direct, your materials come straight from the mill to our yard. Yep, that’s it. No middlemen involved. No unnecessary parties handling your expensive materials. Just lumber straight from its origin to your home. There’s nothing more authentic and character rich than a piece of lumber straight from its source. In our eyes, mill direct materials are the clear choice for quality and longevity in any space. Lucky for you, RMFP has lots of different mill direct products for you to choose from. Anything you need from genuine cedar siding to gorgeous exotic decking, we’ve got what you need at a price and unmatched caliber you can count on

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