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Since 1974, contractors and homeowners have trusted Rocky Mountain Forest Products as their Denver lumber supplier. With our unmatched buying power, superior customer service and wholesale to the public pricing, there’s a reason we have been a staple of the Colorado construction community for 45 years. So, let us tell you more about why choosing RMFP, a Denver lumber supplier is the way to go!

Unmatched Buying Power with Denver Lumber

RMFP started as a fencing supply company in 1974. Our founder, Dennis Hoefer, saw an unmet need in the Colorado construction community and went directly to the mills to solve this problem. Typically, contractors and homeowners were unable to buy what they needed locally, so RMFP became a go-between for the mills who want to sell their products and the end customer. No additional markups, no middlemen, and no hassles became what RMFP is been known for. Need a specific siding pattern, an atypical timber size, or a truckload of fence pickets? RMFP is able to do all of that, with ease.

The typical buyer experience at most home improvement stores is far from an enjoyable experience. Most companies lack the knowledge and general care for their customers and they are only able to offer a fraction of the products that are available throughout the US. RMFP is different- we have knowledgeable sales staff, a culture of caring about the customer and have thousands of materials at our disposal because of our solid buying relationships. Most Denver lumber suppliers only offer a limited amount of options. Due to our mill direct purchasing power, we can provide on average 6-8 different options for any product type.

Superior Customer Service for your Denver Lumber Needs

We have become a leading Denver Lumber supplier by utilizing modern marketing techniques, proven sales training, and we really do care about our customers. Our company motto is “Building Relationships”, which is at the core of everything we do. Our customers are looking for an advocate in the industry, which we are more than willing to be. You will always be met with a “can do” attitude. If there isn’t a clear path to solve a problem that our customers come to us with, we will search around for the answer.

The buyer experience at most big box stores is frustrating. Homeowners might enter these stores searching for the product they need, with little to no knowledge of the pros and cons of the material for their project. They run the risk of going to a store that may or not have what they need in stock; and then they have to push their material through the store and load in into their vehicle. At RMFP, we’ll give you the pros and cons and tell you what other people are using for their projects. We’ll have your material ready when you arrive or deliver it to your home or job site if that’s more convenient. We know that people are strapped for time and we want to provide the best buying experience possible. Many contractors think of their sales representative as an extension of their company. They can email materials lists, get a takeoff on a project and get the necessary information to win that next job. Our low prices allow contractors to submit competitive bids and win more jobs.

Wholesale to Public Pricing with Denver Lumber

Due to our time in business, RMFP has the ability to purchase mill direct, thus bypassing many distribution agreements that other companies are bound by. By cutting out the middleman and purchasing our Denver lumber directly from the mill, we cut out unnecessary costs that are passed onto the end user at most home improvement stores. In addition to already great wholesale pricing, we also offer bulk and contractor pricing to help even more with your project.

Who says that great pricing is only available for the select few? We are truly committed to providing the most competitive price, while sticking to our high quality standards of the materials we bring in.

If you’d like to see the difference of working with a mill direct lumberyard then give us a call. Thousands of contractors and homeowners have already made the switch away from big box stores, why not you?