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Are you caught between choosing a wood deck or a composite deck? If so this article will highlight some of the circumstances where composite decking, especially using Trex decking, will be the better choice!

Using Trex Decking: Climate

Whether it is Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall Trex decking can stand up to the elements. From hot weather to frigid temperatures Trex decking will keep performing despite the harsh environment.

Trex decking is also very resistant to water damage. If you live in a wet or extremely humid climate you will not have to worry about rot.

Termites? Consider Using Trex Decking

If you live in the far South/South East, you are no stranger to termites. No matter what you do these insects can permeate any structure with the blink of an eye. Many Southern homeowners have tales of destruction after installing a new wood deck.

Trex decking is completely resistant to insects and termites. There is no sense in trying to keep up with replacing damaged boards on a traditional wood deck because before you know it your deck will be over -run by these busy pests.
Trex decking will completely eliminate your worry and leave you to simply enjoy the outdoors.

Just Want To Relax? Think About Using Trex Decking

Monday thru Friday most of us are pounding the pavement and are just simply trying to make it through the work week. If you are dreaming of enjoying some peace and quiet when the weekend comes around, you do not want to spend that time maintaining your deck

Trex decking is completely maintenance free except for an occasional hose down to remove dust, dirt, and debris. Trex decking does not require any staining, sanding, or repairing.

Also because of the hidden fastening system you will not be searching the surface of your deck for rising screws to drill back in week after week!

Because Trex decking is durable and long lasting you will also not be spending your free time replacing your deck year after year!

Using Trex Decking for Curb Appeal

Are you looking to boost the curb appeal of your home? Trex decking can really compliment the outside of your home and make it stand out.

Trex decking gives a very streamline clean look amidst the varying textures of nature.

Whether you decide to go with a light wood tone or a rich dark finish your Trex deck will really amplify your landscape.

Trex decking will blend in nicely with any architectural components. Trex decking will compliment an older historic look or really smooth out a more modern style home.

Do You Have A Pool? You Should be Using Trex Decking

If you have a swimming pool and are planning on building a pool deck, then Trex decking is right for you! Trex decking loves water and can stand up to cannon balls, wet feet, and overflows!

Trex decking not only provides safety around pools and hot tubs it will give your pool deck a really refined look.

Trex decking has become a reliable go to for homeowners wanting a composite deck. Backed with a 25-year Warranty choosing Trex decking is a no brainer! Your Trex deck will be with you for decades to come and will bring you and your family unmatched enjoyment.