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Do you have leftover Denver lumber from your last DIY project? Don’t toss it out! There are a lot of fun ways to repurpose your scrap Denver lumber.

Leftover Denver Lumber: Make A Trail

Consider making a trail or walkway in your yard or garden using your leftover Denver lumber. Simply dig out the trail first which can be done in dirt, grass, or gravel. You will want to go down far enough to make a secure place for the Denver lumber to sit. Then arrange the scraps in whatever configuration you desire!

Leftover Denver Lumber: Feature Wall

Depending on the type and appearance of your Denver lumber you can use those remaining pieces to create a feature wall in your home. These wood walls using Denver lumber really add nice dimension and texture to plain walls.

Leftover Denver Lumber: Picture Frames

When it comes to picture frame there really are not a lot of choices unless you have a hefty budget. But you can make your own using those pieces of Denver lumber that you have lying around. There are ideas galore all over the internet to inspire your creativity.

Leftover Denver Lumber: Headboard

Headboards are another thing that can be pretty ordinary unless you are willing to spend a lot. A cool headboard can quickly dress up a room without adding a lot of other décor. This can easily be done even if your Denver lumber is varying dimensions. You can do a mosaic type configuration. If you have longer pieces of Denver lumber then a standard horizontal design will be simple to assemble.

Leftover Denver Lumber: Don’t Forget The Birds

Give your flying friends a nice place to rest with a homemade birdhouse. Assemble the scrap pieces of Denver lumber with glue and finishing nails. You can have a lot of fun designing these birdhouses using Denver lumber by adding perches, seed trays, and other things to make it a real home.

Leftover Denver Lumber: What’s Your Number?

If your leftover pieces of Denver lumber are visually appealing you can use them to make a plaque for your home number. You can also paint or stain your Denver lumber for added detail.

Leftover Denver Lumber: Window Boxes

No matter what the length and dimensions of your excess Denver lumber are you can build a window sill plant box in no time. If you want to line the inside with plastic you can go all out and fill you planter using Denver lumber with live plants. If not you can use succulents or fake foliage.

These are just a few ideas of the projects that you can do using scrap Denver lumber!

If you ever need a little extra lumber to finish your repurposing project, get in touch with us! We would be happy to help you get the materials you need at wholesale pricing!