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So you’re wanting to install a high quality, high performing, and good looking composite deck? Look no further than Trex Decking to help you achieve your dream deck. Trex decking is one of the original companies on the scene for composite decking. You can trust that you are buying a quality product that will increase the value and enjoyment of your deck. When designing Trex decking there are a few items to consider to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

What are you using your Trex Decking for?

Will you be Designing Trex Decking for an additional outdoor dining space? If so, you might consider separating out a designated area with either a step up or step down to your desired seating area. If elevation changes are not an option, consider using a slightly different color of Trex decking to map out the space. Also, make sure you allow enough space to pull chairs out when getting up from the table. The last thing you want after installing your Trex Decking is to realize that it is not functional for your situation. Measure out your patio furniture ahead of time and visualize where everything will be placed.

If building a Trex deck as an addition to your pool, consider adding railing for safety, or simply for hanging those wet towels. Leave plenty of space around the pool for those cannonballs or for parents to pull up a chair to supervise the kids. This may seem like an obvious factor to consider, but make sure your pool is built before putting the deck in. This will ensure that there are no spacing issues and the pool is able to be installed without any obstructions. Did you know that most cities require a fence around a yard that has a pool in it? Make sure you budget for that when planning out this amazing outdoor space. If you’re going all out, consider adding a pergola nearby to provide necessary shade and a space to lounge on the pool chairs out of the sun. Pergolas can be completely covered with a tongue and groove siding roof, or can be left open to allow some sun through. Some people also used fabric shade covers which are moveable, depending on the weather of the day.

Are you wanting to Designing Trex Decking to create an area for relaxation? Don’t worry- Trex Decking is designed to be maintenance-free, which is perfect for those of us who just want a break! Create little areas within your deck to get away from the noise and get ready to unwind. Set up your lounge chairs, side tables and start sipping on your favorite beverage. Trex Decking was designed to be stress-free, from the install all the way through the life of the deck.

What size of Trex Decking are you building?

A lot of us are strapped for space in our backyard space, so the options for sizes might be limited- but that certainly doesn’t mean your new Trex deck has to be boring. If you are able to build up, do your research and see what building codes are required in the city you live in. If you can’t build up, a small Trex Deck can be just as beautiful. By adding interesting colors of decking, railing and trim- you can make any deck look like a million bucks.

If space isn’t an issue- then here is where the fun comes in. Using composite decking from a company like Trex, means that there are more bells and whistles. Add custom railing, pergolas or even Trex fencing. The options are truly endless. They even sell patio furniture! With more space comes more options. Most decks only have a couple different designated entrances and exits to access the deck. With more space, you can add multiple points of entry to increase its functionality.

If all of this seems too much for you to design yourself, Trex offers design programs through their website to help you visualize what you want your space to look like. See sample colors, different types of railing and balusters, and pictures of what other customers have done with their space. Contact your local supplier and they can probably point you in the right direction and help you with the decisions through every step of your deck!