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Careful consideration is always important when making decisions about a large fencing project but hiring a fence company can be difficult. Making sure that you’ve chosen the right company to complete the project is a critical decision that takes serious consideration.

When you are going to have a fence installed there is much more to it than just the purchasing of the materials.

Hiring a Fence Company

Here are some areas that you need to look into before hiring a fence company:

Get A Quote

Actually, when it comes to getting a quote you do not just want one from a single fence company. Even if the first fence company that you come across seems to be perfect always get two or more additional quotes.

Ask For Proof Of Insurance

You will want to do a background check on the fence company that you are considering. Making sure that the fence company is insured is one important part of the investigation.

This will not only protect you and your property, but it also ensures you that the fence company you are choosing cares about safety and quality standards.

Read Reviews

The internet has a lot of places to read reviews on most local fence companies. It is important to see if customers are generally satisfied with their work.

HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, and Yelp are some of the most common places to find information about fence companies your area.

You can also ask a fence company for a list of references that you can call on your own as well.

Look At The Quality Of Their Work

Along with reading reviews you can also drive by previous jobs to see the quality of the fence companies work.

Look at the quality of the materials and particular finishes to make sure that the fence company does not cut corners.

Clean Up

Every company in the service industry has clean up protocols.

Make sure that the fence company that you are considering makes clean up expectations clear so that you are not left with piles of waste material to discard of on your own.

Written Contracts Are Best

No matter what type of work that you have done around your home, getting a written contract is a must these days.

Whether you are using a small fence company or a larger one, a written contract will prevent any misunderstandings and will give you recourse if things do not go as planned.

Professional Association Memberships

Today, part of being a reputable business is belonging to professional associations. You will find that many fence companies belong to the Better Business Bureau. The rating that your fence company has with the BBB will be accurate as they really take the time to investigate their members.  

Ask Questions

Before making your final selection for a fence company compile a list of questions that are specific to your job.

Every project is unique and so is yours. You will most likely have some areas of special concern that you will want to directly discuss with your fence company before work begins.

Keep in mind that the fence company that you are considering should be open to answering all of your questions and concerns. If you receive any push back this should be a red flag!

If you are hesitant to vet fencing companies by yourself (i.e. if you don’t know what questions to ask, simply do not have the time, or some other reason), don’t worry about it! Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products we have a contractor base that we stand behind and work with regularly. If you need help building a fence but don’t know where to begin, give us a call! We’d be happy to recommend a builder to you who lives in your area.