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Beetle kill pine, or blue stain pine is all the rage right now in Colorado. It is easily one of the top three products that we get inquiries about daily, and for good reason. Blue stain pine is a beautiful, versatile material that has so many application in Colorado interior design. With such an interesting and heartbreaking story behind how we get much of the blue stain pine on the market today- it’s no wonder people are wanting to get their hands on it.

What kind of projects can Colorado Beetle Kill Pine be used for?

Beetle Kill Pine for Siding Projects

Blue stain pine is a beautiful material to use in your various siding projects. Add some interest to an accent wall with horizontally placed blue stain tongue and groove boards. With an afternoon, a chop saw and a nail gun- you can completely transform a room. We stock 6″ and 8″ V Edge Tongue & Groove siding and at any point have up to 60,000 linear feet on the ground. All of the boards on site are kiln dried. If you’re looking for blue stain siding in a different pattern other than the V Edge that we stock, talk to a siding specialist today. Whether you are looking for some of the most common choices like ship lap, channel or something different, we can help you!

beetle kill pine siding

Beetle kill pine siding take from National Geographic

Colorado Beetle Kill Pine Flooring

We are proud to offer custom, milled-to-order blue stain pine flooring at a fraction of the cost than our competitors. Because of our mill direct, wholesale to public business model- you are getting a quality product at the best possible price. Blue stain flooring is becoming more and more popular with our customers and has been installed in hundreds of homes over the past year. We offer 4″, 6″, and 8″ wide planks for flooring. All of our flooring boards are kiln dried and custom ordered directly from the mill. This gives the customer the ability to choose any custom finishes such as- a straight square edge, a micro bevel edge, hand hewn finished face, a resawn face or a circle sawn finished face to add additional character to the lumber.  The average lead time for blue stain flooring is 5-10 business days.

blue stain beetle kill pine flooring colorado

Special Order Colorado Beetle Kill Pine Products

If you need different blue stain products for your project, we can help. We offer rough cut and smooth boards, from 2x up to 24x. We also source logs and poles for furniture or other decorative uses. For even larger projects, we can special order timbers, 6″ & 8″ wide slabs up to 36″ long and logs up to 50′. All of these products are air dried and are mill-to-order, averaging a 10-20 business day lead time. Let us help make your custom beetle kill projects come to life. If you can dream of it, chances are- we can get our hands on it for you!

beetle kill blue stain pine furniture colorado

We are proud to supply beetle kill pine lumber and have it milled for flooring, siding and timbers.  It comes with or without bore holes to provide you a clean or rustic look. Give us a call and we can help you with any questions you have about using blue stain pine for furniture, ceilings, siding and more!