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As a homeowner, we’re not always trying to find the most affordable option. There are times when we feel like “treating ourselves” and expand the parameters of our budgets to get the upgrade that will make us happiest.

When it comes to decking, options like Redwood are incredibly aesthetic options while being very affordable and cost-effective. But when we feel like “treating ourselves”, what kind of options are out there?

What would be a durable and long-lasting option, which has relatively low maintenance, but won’t break the bank?

Enter: Tigerwood Decking.


What is Tigerwood Decking?

As one of the densest exotic hardwoods on the market, Tigerwood decking provides a signature and unique look that other woods try to mimic, yet consistently fail at achieving. Tigerwood features a beautiful light, golden-brown and reddish-brown color hue with ever so subtle black/brown streaks.

We’ve also responsibly harvested our Tigerwood decking materials from responsibly managed forests to provide you a truly renewable resource. So you’ll know that you’re getting a product that comes from sustainable practices – something that is starting to resonate more and more with homeowners everywhere.

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Is Tigerwood Good for Decking?

One of the most unique and defining features of Tigerwood decking is its incredible density. This density gives the material an unmatched durability, which also helps the material resist rot and decay. With all those durability and functional benefits, Tigerwood decking can make any homeowner’s property shine for 30 years with ease!

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Tigerwood Is NOT too expensive for you!

One of the best aspects of Tigerwood decking is that not only does it provide an extreme density, which gives way to its durability and longevity, but it’s actually quite affordable over other decking materials. Products like teak or composite decking can be at much higher price points. Since we are a true wholesaler of lumber products who also directly imports via the mills, we are able to get Tigerwood materials at a lower cost and in turn, cut back on the costs of your project!