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The split rail fence was one of the earliest types of fencing used for two reasons. It is super easy to build and maintain, and the price tag on it doesn’t give you a heart attack when reading it. Since split rail uses little material compared to other methods of fencing, it was the go to fence option for farmers who had a lot of land. In the past, you most commonly saw split rail in the country, because fences in the city were used for the purpose of security and privacy. Split rail fencing was created to show property lines with the rustic and simple look. Nowadays, this is something that homeowners now want more of at their suburban homes, which is why it is making a comeback and we are seeing it more and more in the city. You will commonly see split rail as the standard in new housing developments and in shopping centers to create barriers between the street and buildings.

The Top Reasons to Build Split Rail Fencing

  1. Split Rail Fencing Costs Less: Split rail is super easy to build, and very little material is needed. Typically you don’t even need nails or screws to secure the rails together. Because of the low price tag, this makes split rail fencing the prime option for homeowners who are looking to install a fence on a budget.
  2. Split Rail is Long Lasting: Split rail lasts for years and needs little to no maintenance, meaning you can install it and never have to worry or think about it ever again. For people with a crazy busy life and who are short on time, split rail fencing is the way to go.
  3. Split Rail Fencing is Easy To Install: To install split rail, all you have to do is place the rails in the pre-cut holes that hold them. The only real labor that is needed is to dig and set the posts themselves. Once this is done, no securing with screws or nails is necessary, unless you want extra provided durability.
  4. The Appearance Gets an A +: The trend right now is everything rustic. Split railing gives an authentic rustic look with very little labor or materials needed.

Split rail is pretty easy to find at any lumber or fencing company. What sets Rocky Mountain Forest Products aside from other companies is that we carry multiple different rail systems. You have the option of having two rails or 3 rails across your entire fence. Most companies do not offer this, which means you have to custom order it. That can often take more time and costs more than just using the split rail that they have in stock. We also carry thicker rails, which means your fence will turn out more durable and stronger than others.

Colorado is the perfect state to have split rail as your fence because of our climate. In our climate, your split rail fence is expected to last up to 20 years with no issues. That is a crazy amount of time for a fence to last, with no maintenance required.

The Two Different Types of Split Rail Fencing:

One of the downsides of having split rail is that the security for smaller animals can be a concern, but luckily there is an alternative. You can get split rail with weld wire, which allows for your smaller animals and children to be safe no matter what. It does take some extra work because the welding wire has to be attached to the rails, but in the end, it is worth it! Of course, there is also the traditional option for split rail that has 2-3 rails, with all the bells and whistles. If you have larger animals like horses, cows, or pigs on your ranch split rail will easily keep them in their places. Homeowners who don’t have any animals and just want property security split rail fencing is also perfect! No matter the home-style, layout, or size- split rail fencing can cover all the bases creating a stress-free, low cost, and easy to install fencing job for anyone.