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If you’re familiar with the lumber industry, you may have heard the term ‘hand hewn’ tossed around a few times. Hand hewn lumber is essentially reclaimed wood that has been salvaged from old barns, stables, mills, or other structures built by the first settlers. These materials are upwards of 200 years old. Because of their age, these pieces are sought-after for their natural beauty and long lines of history.

With hand hewn lumber, you can expect a mixed wood species that has seen decades (or even centuries) of weathering and wear. Without a doubt, you can count on these materials to be one of a kind. Hand hewn lumber was what early settlers used for their homesteads. With these products, you can be sure you’re showcasing gorgeous history throughout your home.

What Does Hand Hewn Mean?

The process of converting lumber longs to hand hewn products was used by early settlers to square up the timbers. All of these timbers were squared by hand with a tool known as an adaze. It would take the settlers days to complete just a few timbers, but the end result was worth every second. 

Today, technology has allowed us to improve the efficiency of these products. We now have machinery dedicated to copying the look and feel of original hand hewn lumber. There are also versatile hand-plane tools that can replicate the look of these unique pieces. But of course, these newer methods will not exude that same antique feeling and rustic charm that the original hand hewn lumber does.

Best Areas For Hand Hewn Lumber

One of the best places to implement these beautiful products is on the ceiling as beams. Beams are well-loved for their rustic qualities and ability to elongate a space, yet somehow make it cozier. They are a wonderful accent of raw materials perfect for warming up any space. Hand hewn beams are the best of the best when it comes to adding reclaimed accents in a home.

Many people also like to utilize the cool look of hand hewn lumber as vertical timbers. Whether you’d like to elevate the look of a home entrance or need a pillar for structural reasons, these are a go-to. Hand hewn lumber is not only naturally stunning, but it can also be quite functional when used correctly.

Some Things To Keep In Mind For Hand Hewn Lumber

One of the main takeaways for hand hewn lumber is that these are authentic and one of a kind materials. While staining can be helpful in extending the life of your lumber, keep in mind that it may make these materials slightly less original. Staining can be gorgeous when done properly, but it may also detract from the authenticity and charm of these materials. 

It’s also important to note that no two hand hewn timbers will be the same. If you’re looking for a consistent material with no flaws and a seamless design, this may not be the best product for you. For those on the hunt for a reclaimed piece with authentic charm that’s entirely unique to you, hand hewn is your best bet. Also keep in mind that these materials will often come in different sizes and may not fit perfectly into a dedicated space.

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