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Maybe you’re a new homeowner or you have been on the same large property for years. Many times a fence will need to be replaced or a new one installed, but how can you choose the best style of fencing for your property? We’ve put together this short guide of fencing styles to help you determine the best option to use for your home, ranch or business.

Popular Fencing Styles

Basic Cedar Privacy Fencing

This is the most common type of fence you will see in the neighborhoods that you drive through on a daily basis. The most common style of fence is constructed with 1x6x6 pickets, 2×48 rails and 4x4x8 posts to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional line around your property. Some businesses or contractors will use spruce, pine or fir pickets, but we only sell cedar pickets because they are best suited for Colorado’s dry climate. A fence built with treated pine pickets and posts will not last in Colorado’s climate and will warp, crack and twist within a few years of installation. There are many different ways to add a unique twist to your privacy fence. Some options include using decorative top caps, a horizontal fence or a shadow box fence.

Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fence was one of the earliest types of fence that society used. It was cheap to manufacture, easy to install and was a great option for people with a lot of land to fence in. Originally, we mainly saw split rail fencing being used in the countryside, but we are seeing more people in suburban areas using split rail fence in business districts and on residential properties. Some popular reasons to use split rail fencing are: its low cost, it’s long lasting, easy to install and rustic looking.  No nails, fence staples, or other materials are needed for installing a split rail fence, which helps to keep the cost low. When comparing the cost of our split rail fencing, keep in mind that we offer a different product than the big box stores. We carry both 2 and 3 rail systems in stock. Secondly, the big box stores only stock smaller 8 foot “pony” rails. We stock standard size 10 foot rails that are thicker and stronger.

Ranch Rail Fencing

A Ranch Rail Fence also goes by other names such as Horse Fence, Farm Fence, Field Fencing or Board Fence. It is becoming a very popular option in various types of settings. Ranch Rail fencing is a good alternative to a standard privacy fence and it will look much sleeker than a split rail fence. A typical Ranch Rail Fence comes in a two, three or four rail system and will typically be made with  4×4, 4×6 or 6×6 cedar posts and nominal 2×6 or 2×8 cedar boards for its rails. Some benefits to use ranch rail fencing are that it’s cost effective, has a clean look, is easy to clean and install and will last a long time. You also get more design choices when installing a ranch rail fence when compared to a split rail fence. Split Rail and Post & Dowel fences limit you to designs that utilize the pre-drilled holes in the posts, whereas you have the freedom of design with ranch rail fencing.

Post and Dowel Fencing

Post and dowel fencing also goes by the names Western Rail Fencing or Pressure Treated Fencing. It’s most distinguished feature is its greenish hue, which comes from the chemical treatment on the pine logs. The chemical treatment helps prevent rot and decay in this style of fencing. Many people love post and dowel fencing because of the uniform look that it provides. When deciding between post and dowel fencing versus split rail fencing, take into consideration that post and dowel has chemical protection against rot and decay whereas split rail fencing has natural oils and resins that prevents rot and decay. A post and dowel fence can last 10-15 years depending on if you maintain the fence well and the type of climate that you live in. 

Hopefully this short guide has been helping you to understand the different fencing styles between standard privacy fencing, split rail fencing, ranch rail fencing and post and dowel fencing. Do not hesitate to reach out to a sales specialist with any additional questions!