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Your wedding is a day that you will always remember. It is the day that essentially your life begins with the person you love. You want your wedding to stand out and be a day that all your family and friends remember as a good one. There are a lot of components that go into planning a wedding and it can be super stressful for everyone involved. From the photographer, catering, music, and all the décor pieces it can be overwhelming. In this blog, we’ll go over just a few of the numerous options available to you when it comes to wedding day design ideas.

Our Wedding Day Design Ideas

A style trend that is becoming more and more popular with weddings is adding rustic décor for a country-like feel with wood accents, lighting, flowers, and light colors. It is a sensational and beautiful design for a wedding. Reclaimed wood is the ideal way to bring out a rustic look and feel for your wedding. Reclaimed wood can be used for a variety of different things and is affordable to use. Here are just a few ideas on how you can use reclaimed wood for certain projects at your wedding.

Wedding Day Design Ideas: Picture Wall

Something that everyone wants to be incorporated into their wedding somehow, is picturing. Memories that you and your soon-to-be husband or wife made together, memories of the engagement, friends, family, and even family that may not be present for the wedding but are present in spirit. A reclaimed wood picture wall is the perfect way to showcase the life you have built and will continue to build, while sharing them with your guests.

Wedding Day Design Ideas: All Your Signs

Wooden signs are already a popular décor piece when it comes to wedding day design ideas. Your signs could say anything from general sayings or custom ones. Some examples are “Mr and Mrs” with the date you got married, signs showing which way the wedding is, or the reception and cocktails. Or even using smaller pieces of reclaimed wood as placeholders with the names of your guests, so they know where to sit during the reception. The sayings and opportunities for reclaimed wood signs are endless and they create an organized and styled look to your wedding.

Wedding Day Design Ideas: Cake or Cupcake Stand

Your wedding cake is one of the centerpieces for the wedding. You want the cake itself and its stand to be breathtaking. You can use reclaimed wood slabs to place a cake on top of or use them and build a stand for cupcakes to display them perfectly.

Wedding Day Design Ideas: Aisle Markers

If you have assigned seating at your wedding during the ceremony, a great way to keep everyone organized is to mark the aisles with signs of who sits where. This is especially important for reserving rows for the close family of the bride and groom.

Wedding Day Design Ideas: Guest Book

Traditionally at every wedding, there is a guest book where your guests can sign their names so down the road you can look back at who was all at your wedding. A book is a usual way of doing this, but a unique idea is to have a reclaimed wood picture or board that has a picture of your choice in the center with a border of blank wood around it. Your picture could be of you and your partner or could be a quote that means something to you. Around this image or saying, your guests write their names. This way you can hang it up in your home as a forever memento.

Wedding Day Design Ideas: Center Pieces

The last idea for using reclaimed wood is for your centerpieces. In the center of each table, you may have the food and drink options for guests to choose from with some flowers or a unique design to decorate the table. You can use reclaimed wood in a million ways, but a couple of ways are flower boxes, frames for the menu, slabs for vases to sit on, and many more.

Using reclaimed wood at your wedding is a way to save money and still have a luxurious and stunning wedding! It is easy to work with and can be used in many ways aside from the ones we listed. You want your guests to be talking about how beautiful and unimaginable your wedding was. Make it an experience no one will forget!