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Picture your home with new décor pieces, a rustic but simple style, and a modern vibe that is inviting to all. You wouldn’t believe it’s your home, right? Some people think that upgrading home décor and furniture to your home is a process, but it can be quite simple not to mention stress-free! The answer to your décor and restyling needs and wants is reclaimed wood!

Upgrading Home Décor

Like we here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products have said before, reclaimed wood is a new design staple that homeowners and designers are all about. It has endless abilities and opportunities, and it is affordable and relatively easy to work with. Summer is when most homeowners take the time to spruce up their home, redecorate or organize. Reclaimed wood can be used for new décor or even as new ways of adding new storage and organization. Here are a few ways you can revamp your home using reclaimed wood this summer.

Industrial Pipe Shelving Great for Upgrading Home Décor

Most homeowners want maximum storage and endless opportunities to add more storage when needed. Storage isn’t always a pretty thing to deal with and can be tricky. Shelving made from industrial shelves and reclaimed wood planks is an ideal way to give you extra storage while also being stylish and satisfying on the eye. To add extra design, you could even use baskets to provide a more clean and organized look.

Book Cases

Another way of both upgrading home décor and adding extra storage in your home is by building a bookcase. This is easy to assemble and develop and can be done with a minimum of 2 people. You can use your bookshelf in any room for pictures, extra supplies, plants, and décor, or even cookbooks or pantry items in your kitchen. A reclaimed wood bookcase is durable and stylish.

Upgrading Home Décor with Reclaimed Lighting

Your light fixtures throughout your home can be a focal point to any room. There are many different ways you can design a light fixture. You can build a box that can act as a “light cover” and create a more significant and dominant accessory. You can also add rustic touch with a reclaimed wood beam with string lights wrapped around it. Beyond these ideas, there are many more!

Seating Areas and Furniture

Reclaimed wood is a material that is great for building furniture, because of its rustic look and durability. You could get way into all the different ways you could use reclaimed wood as furniture pieces, but we would be here forever, and this blog would never end. A few easy examples that you can do to provide functionality and style are the obvious pieces like dining room tables, breakfast books, end tables, and coffee tables. As we said, these are just a select few pieces of furniture you can redo with reclaimed wood.  

Wall Décor

Wall décor is something simple that you could add to your home with little DIYing needed. A couple of different wall décor ideas are chevron wall art, picture framing, or back to the shelving idea, floating shelves!

Take Reclaimed Outdoors

If you want to style up your front entrance, there are a couple of different ways you can add reclaimed wood in a subtle and chic way that is functional. The first way is an address plate; if you take small planks of reclaimed wood and add your address numbers on top, it will look modern while also making it easier for guests to find and read your address. Benches or rocking chairs are another way to add seating while being subtle and giving your home a put together look. Last but not least, you can box in your flower pots in a planter box made of reclaimed wood.

Take control of your home this summer and renew the style of your home. By taking the time to do a few of these easy projects, you will not only give your house a completely new look and feel- but it will make you want to show off your home as if it were brand new. You never know, maybe you’ll think of ideas that are unique and will leave your guests in awe. Put your creativity to the test and give some of these projects a shot or create your own new ideas!

If you are ready to take the next step in working with reclaimed wood by figuring out pricing, let us know! We have a wide variety of both true and faux reclaimed products for just about any budget!