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Most people think that, in order to upgrade your yard you need to have some deep pockets. There are several things that you can do yourself that won’t break the bank and will give you the most bang for your buck. Take the opportunity to enjoy every minute that you spend on your Trex deck.

By implementing inexpensive landscape tricks, furniture hacks, and also adding some chic extras to your Trex deck you will be amazed at what you can accomplish on a small budget.

Upgrade Your Yard: Tired Of Grass… Xeriscape

Are you tired of the weekly monotony of mowing the grass and picking weeds? If so, take out your grass and xeriscape! Because of the “true to nature” color palette that Trex decking offers your deck will blend beautifully with a xeriscape landscape.

Upgrade Your Yard: Spruce Up Your Outdoor Dining Area

If you have a Trex deck you probably spend a lot of time eating outdoors. Even if you do not have a built-in kitchen you can easily create a functional cooking and dining area on your Trex deck.

You can purchase outdoor moveable storage and countertop pieces to make barbequing easy on your Trex deck.

Take some time when it comes to choosing patio furniture. There is a lot to choose from and furniture can make or break your lounging experience on your Trex deck.

Also, consider adding decorative planters and outdoor art to really make your Trex deck feel livable.

If your budget allows Trex offers its own signature line of outdoor kitchens. The line of appliances and cabinetry allows you to mix the comforts of your indoor living space with the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Upgrade Your Yard: Borders and Beds

By designing beautiful flower beds and borders around your Trex deck you can really accent its features.

This will also provide a clear division between your Trex deck and your yard. Use sophisticated mulch that compliments the color of your Trex deck and use edging that blends. Preferably not metal.

Upgrade Your Yard: Lighting

Lighting is essential for relaxing and functional evening entertaining on your Trex deck.

With the right arrangement of lighting your Trex deck can go from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Trex outdoor lighting system allows you to couple deck lighting with landscape lighting for an entire backyard experience.

Upgrade Your Yard: Pergolas

A lot of people think that pergolas are just for gardens, gateways, and patio coverings. Pergolas can also be added to your Trex deck for customizable comfort and beauty.

A pergola on your sun-soaked Trex deck can provide some respite from the heat while adorning it with detail and design.

Upgrade Your Yard: Elevate Your Trex Deck Stairs

Step up and stand out! If you currently have stairs on your Trex deck and they are configured in a traditional manner, consider replacing them with a spiral staircase.

Trex decking has its own line of spiral staircases that are not only space saving but strikingly amazing.

Upgrade Your Yard: Storage

Without adding ANYTHING you can make your deck look fresh and vibrant by removing clutter.

Trex also has a selection of storage options that can be installed at the initial build or added later.

Get in touch with us if you are looking to upgrade your Trex Deck!