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When you see Trex decking in person or build your own deck you will want to find other ways to incorporate Trex into your home. Trex decking has such luxurious beauty that you won’t be able to get enough! In this blog, we will go over some other unique uses for Trex decking:

Unique Uses: Wraparound Room

If your home is a U shape and you have somewhat of a courtyard in the center of your home, you can create a wraparound room with Trex. By installing Trex decking around the perimeter of your U shape you create a space for wraparound outdoor living space. Once it is decorated with furniture, plants, other items it will feel like an extension of your home.

Unique Uses: Evening Relaxation

We have rooms in our home that are designated for specific uses so why not do that with areas in your backyard. Building a freestanding Trex deck in a secluded area of your yard can be designated as a “relaxation only” zone. Enclosed with potted trees and shrubbery this mini Trex deck can become a private oasis right in your own yard.

Unique Uses: Invite In The Light But Keep Out The Elements

Sectioning off a portion of your Trex deck and covering it with an overhang offers outdoor living rain or shine. Using corrugated polycarbonate plastic, you can be protected from the elements, but the light can still make its way in.

During colder months place heaters on your Trex deck under the cover for extra refuge while enjoying the outdoors.

Unique Uses: Rooftop Porch

If you are lucky enough to have a rooftop porch you may have overlooked the option of putting in a Trex deck up there. A Trex deck on your rooftop can make it that much enjoyable!

A rooftop Trex deck will also provide your roof with extra protection from sun and the elements. Add some overstuffed patio furniture and let the party begin!

Unique Uses: Enjoy The Slope

If you have a severely sloping backyard you may find that you do not get much enjoyment out of it. However, by adding a multi-level Trex deck you will fall in love with your backyard.

This troublesome space will become an inviting destination for you and guests.

With the view in mind enhance your Trex deck with built in seating and lighting to make evenings even more inspiring.

Unique Uses: Small Spaces Can Be Amazing Too!

Even if you have a small yard or patio Trex decking can still liven it up. Put in a new Trex deck or cover an existing concrete slab with one. A single chair, some flowers, and some patio lights can make the smallest place as inviting as a large Trex deck.

Unique Uses: Cloak Hot Tub Or Above Ground Pool With Love

Hot tubs have always been a sought-after luxury item! If your hot tub is not built into your Trex deck, then build a platform around it for added ease. Building a Trex deck platform around your free-standing hot tub will give it a finished custom look that will be one of a kind.

A Trex deck platform around your hot tub will look amazing and will make getting in and out as well as entertaining much more functional!

If you have an above ground pool you can also add a Trex deck platform! This makes a convenient space to add lounge chairs that are level with the pool!

There are still many other ways to incorporate Trex decking into your landscape. Take these ideas and use your imagination to create some of your own!

If any of these ideas have inspired you (click here if you want even MORE inspiration), or if you are ready to start improving your property with Trex Decking, give us a call! We here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products proudly offer a wide variety of Trex Decking materials and colors.