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Continuing with our series, “In Those We Trust,” we would like to share the story of how Denver Fence and Fountain (DFF) came to be a staple in the Denver fencing community. Rocky Mountain Forest Products (RMFP) has been working with Richard Taylor of Denver Fence and Fountain for some time now, and we are excited to show you a behind-the-scenes look at what makes this local business unique!

Denver Fencing Contractor

RMFP: Thank you so much for sitting down with us to learn more about Denver Fence and Fountain! We have known you for a while, but it’s always good to learn more about what makes your business special. Tell us the story of how it all started.

DFF: Well, I used to work professionally as a catering chef. After sustaining an injury that prevented me from standing for long periods of time, I had to do something else to pay the bills. I started doing handyman services throughout the Denver area and quickly realized that there were some services that I did not enjoy doing. I started eliminating things that I didn’t like and finally settled on focusing on fences and fountains.

RMFP: That’s quite a switch from professional chef to handyman! How long ago did you make that change?

DFF: That was about 12 years ago and we have been going strong in that direction ever since.

RMFP: Congratulations, that’s an accomplishment! How many employees do you have and have they been with you the whole time?

DFF: I have 4 employees currently and my foreman, Angel Morales, has been with us for a couple years now. I really rely on him to help lead projects and pick up materials when I am busy with other aspects of the business. He’s been great to have on the team.

RMFP: What type of clients do you usually work with?

DFF: Our business is about 90% residential customers all around the Denver Metro area. We’ve had the privilege of building some really beautiful and unique fences and fountains for our customers. We’ve been doing a lot of horizontal fences lately, which are so fun and unique. We’re really liking this style. We also do a lot of Good Samaritan projects for clients who can’t otherwise afford a fence. We’ve built free gates, small fences, raised garden beds for seniors, and helped solve containment issues for those with dogs.

RMFP: That’s awesome, commendable work! And horizontal fences are beautiful. There are so many applications for them! What is the largest project that you’ve worked on?

DFF: We recently completed a 600 foot fence- which was a lot of work, but super rewarding. The client was thrilled with how it turned out, as were we.

RMFP: What is your hope or goal for every client that you work with?

DFF: My goal is to treat all of my clients like family. I know the quality that I would want in project, so I am sure to take that into consideration with every job. We take our time and do the work the right way so it lasts. That’s how we have continued to make a name for ourselves in this competitive Denver fencing market. I also have some OCD tendencies, so if a project isn’t exactly right- I will often go and correct the issue myself.

RMFP: That is so vital. Is there one thing about this industry that you like the most?

DFF: My favorite thing about the fencing industry is a little strange, but it’s the smell of cedar. I absolutely love it. When I pick up my fencing materials from Rocky Mountain Forest Products and the smell fills up my vehicle, it’s the best! In that same vein, I cannot stand the smell of vinyl or pressure-treated fencing. I will do everything to avoid working with those materials, because I cannot stand the smell. It’s also not a great product with Colorado’s climate because of its longevity issues.

RMFP: Agreed. Vinyl and pressure-treated fencing definitely has its own unique smell and challenges in this Colorado climate.

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If you would like to check out some samples of fencing or fountain work by Denver Fence and Fountain, check out their Facebook page and show them some love. You can also reach them by phone at 720.364.3986!