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Decking is an essential component when it comes to your entertaining outdoor space. Not to mention, it also adds property value to your home when you go to re-sell. Trex decking is a high-performance decking supplier that sells a wide array of products at an affordable rate. When it comes to your deck, your railing is the first thing people thing tend to see since it is about eye level, whereas the deck itself is under your feet. Your railing sets the overall look and feel that you are going for, whether that’s warm and modern, or bright and beach-like. Trex decking has a large selection of deck railings, which allows you to match your style to the best of your ability. Trex’s railing systems also allow you to custom choose your pieces from balusters, post caps, and posts. This way, you get the perfect look that fits your style the best. In this blog we will be discussing the three different Trex railing lines that are available through Trex.

Trex Signature Railing

Trex decking signature railing line offers style that is durable and strong enough to withstand everything that comes it’s way. The railing line is classy with aluminum options. The color options that Trex carries for the rails are Classic White, Bronze, and Charcoal Black. Following the rails, there are two colors of rods to choose from which are Platinum and Charcoal Black.

Trex Transcend Railing

This specific line from Trex Decking has more options when it comes to shades of railing, which allows you to create a unique, one of a kind look that appears from a magazine. The Trex Decking Transcend Line is a design wholly based around color and how different colors can be mixed and matched to create contrast and complement one another. The color options for this line are more vibrant and unique being Classic White, Rope Swing, Tree House, Gravel Path, Fire Pit, Vintage Lantern, and Charcoal Black.

Trex Select Railing

This line of railing from Trex Decking is classy and chic. The design of these railings can give your backyard an edge while still being stylish. There are only two color options for this line: Classic White and Charcoal Black, which enhances the classy and chic look.

Now just because these lines are separated doesn’t mean that you have to stay within the threshold of this line. You can mix and match the styles and colors to create a different look for your deck. Another thing to keep in mind is that your deck isn’t the only way you can implement Trex Decking Railings into your home. You can use Trex Railings on a gazebo or small enclosure, around your pool or hot tub enclosure, and you can use it on your front porch! A lot of people think that the use of these materials stops on your back deck, but that is not true.

Trex decking, aside from their products is a fantastic company to work with because they are all about what the customer satisfaction. They have multiple resources that can assist you through the renovation process that allows you to worry less and be stress-free. Imagine getting to enjoy your renovation as its progressing, rather than stressing about money, time, or materials? It makes a huge difference when you have little worries! Trex decking has a few different resources like a material calculator, connections with local contractors, and quality products without spending a fortune.

Trex decking also has various design plans that include railings that are matched with deck boards to enhance the overall design look and feel. The great things about these design plans are that you can switch out product lines with others if you don’t care for them. You also can mix and match ones to create a one of a kind look that is specific to you! Of course, you don’t have to use them at all if you want to create your own design, it is all possible! Trex Decking has a large selection of products that help create an oasis in your backyard that can be your private getaway. Check out our website to starting shopping all of the fantastic products that Trex Decking offers today!