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When it comes to your outdoor space, you want to be able to use it all year round, day and night. This is a space where your family hangs out on a Sunday, birthday parties happen every year, kids make snowmen, and everyone gathers by the fire after Thanksgiving dinner. Many memories are made here, so why put a halt on the memory making just because it’s dark outside? That’s just crazy. Thankfully, many of the decking brands also have a line of outdoor lighting that can be built into your deck or can be used as an accent. If your decking brand doesn’t carry an outdoor lighting line, don’t worry- you have many options when it comes to where you can buy lighting for your outdoor space. Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, one of our main decking brands we stock is Trex. Trex is a very well known and popular brand in the industry and among homeowners and contractors. They offer several different options of Trex outdoor lighting that will go great with your newly installed Trex decking, or even if you have an existing Trex deck and want to add on to it. 

Why is lighting so important? 

Having the proper Trex outdoor lighting in your space is important because it allows you to enjoy your space even when it’s dark out. It also lets you enjoy your deck or patio safely because the lighting allows for the space to completely lit and decreases the chances of injuries, such as slipping or falling. Lighting also gives you a sense of security. Having a dark backyard can be nerve wracking in the middle of the night, especially if you are alerted and need to see. This way you can rest assured that you will easily be able to survey your backyard if needed in any situation. 

Adding to Your Home 

Adding lighting to your backyard will instantly give your home an ambiance that makes it even more enjoyable. Your entire backyard will feel homey and cozy, which is just what you want on the nights at home by the fire. Adding lighting can also make your parties and events you host more enjoyable once it gets dark out. Now the party can never stop! 

Day or Night 

Like we mentioned before with lighting in your backyard, you can use and enjoy our space no matter if it’s dark or light outside. No one wants to sit outside in the dark and not be able to see their surroundings, that’s just uncomfortable. Add a few accents of lighting and your backyard will transform into a totally different space. 

Your Options 

Just under Trex’s brand alone, they offer several different types of lighting options that you can have built directly into your decking materials or you can add just as an accent. If you don’t want to shop Trex, you can find several different kinds of lighting from decking companies themselves or from individual companies that specialize in lighting. Often times some landscaping businesses will also offer lighting options. Now, we know that you may not want all of the lighting to be specific to your deck or patio area, you may want it to carry out throughout your yard. So, here are a few different options you have to choose from. 

When it comes to your landscaping and adding lights, you have the options of rounded path lights, stepped path lights, well lights, multifunction lights, and spotlights. All these options will help accent your space and provide more security across your whole backyard. 

For decking, the options that you have are composite post cap lights, aluminum post cap lights, deck rail lights, wedge deck rail lights, LED stair riser lights, and recessed deck lights. 

Along with decking and landscaping options, you can also use timers, dimmers, and light hubs to have control over how light or dark your lights get and when they turn on and off. 

When it comes to your home, you don’t want to mess around with security and safety which is the number one benefit of adding Trex outdoor lighting to your hangout space and landscaping. Check out all of your options today!