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So, you are thinking about adding to the beauty and value of your home by building a deck? It’s certainly a fantastic way to achieve both, but you are quickly going to discover that there are some decisions to be made before you break ground on your project. One of the most important choices that you will need to make is what type of material you will use to build the deck. While you may automatically think of wood, there are other options to consider. Trex decking is very high on the list of alternatives to wood decking, and the debate of Trex Decking vs. wood decking is bound to pop up if you spend any amount of time researching decking options.

Trex Decking Vs. Wood Decking: What is Trex Decking?

At first glance, you would be excused for mistaking Trex decking for wood, as it basically looks exactly the same. What Trex decking is, though, is a composite material that is made from recycled material such as wood fibers, plastic, and a bonding agent designed to hold it all together. What you are left with is something that looks a whole lot like wood, but which is a good deal stronger and sturdier. The question you have to ask now is whether you are set on wood or if something a little more durable might be the better option. If you are still on the fence, let’s see if we can help.

Trex Decking Vs. Wood Decking:Side by Side Comparison

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding between Trex decking and wood, so we are going to cover some of those points to try and help you make a more informed decision.

  • Cost – Since there are some many factors that go into calculating the overall cost of building your deck, we cannot really give you accurate numbers. In general, though, Trex decking does tend to be a little pricier than wood. While the cost of buying your supplies is very often seen as a contributing factor, this is an instance where you really need to look at the bigger picture. As mentioned earlier, Trex decking is stronger and more durable than even the hardest type of wood, which means that it’s going to last a good deal longer. At some point, you are going to start replacing warped on damaged boards on a wood deck, which means shelling out even more money over the life of your deck.
  • Maintenance – This is not something that a lot of people think about when they have a new deck built. The assumption is that the finished product will stand strong and proud for many, many years to come. The reality, though, is that a wood deck needs to be well looked after if it is to stand the test of time. You may need to frequently reseal or paint the wood to keep the elements out. As we already mentioned, you are also going to need to replace warped or damaged boards, as they can become a safety concern if left unchecked. You also need to worry about critters, especially termites, as they will feast on your wood if given the opportunity. All this work quickly adds up, but none of it is required with Trex decking.
  • Overall look – When selecting a type of wood to use in your deck, a lot of attention is paid to selecting one that is just the right color or that has a great looking grain. As many options as there are, you are still somewhat limited in that regard. With Trex decking, you have access to a wide variety of different colors, making it far easier to get the exact look that you want for your deck. Imagine being able to select patio furniture and other accessories for your deck by using the color of the decking as a focal point. That is what you get with Trex decking. You also spare yourself the annoyance of seeing the color fade or having stains appear, both of which are common issues with wood.
  • Eco-friendliness – While it is now possible to go with reclaimed wood for projects, the reality is that you are probably going to end up using timber that has been harvested from forests. With Trex decking, you are looking at using a product that is made from recycled good, lessening your carbon footprint and generally helping you feel a little bit better about doing your part for the planet. This may not be a huge deciding factor for a lot of people, but it is still one that needs to be considered.


In Conclusion

At the end of the day, the choice you make of Trex Decking vs. wood decking will end up being a personal one. There are sure to be some of you out there who simply have your heart set on a wood deck, which is fine. If you are still unsure, though, we suggest that you take a closer look at Trex decking to see what it has to offer.