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If you have never designed a Trex deck before we recommend that you really do some research by talking to friends and family, looking at books and magazines, browsing the internet, and talking to your friendly Trex deck design specialist.

Your Trex deck is going to be a lasting addition to your home that you should not take lightly. Unlike other additions that you can easily change to freshen up the look, you can not do that with your Trex deck.

Without doing some investigating you will likely over look may design ideas and accessory options that will take your deck to the next level.

Trex Deck Design

Trex Deck Design: Maximize Your Space

Before you even get into the design details of your new Trex deck, analyze the space in which you are considering installing it. Upon your first review answer these following questions to get you headed in the right direction:

1). – How big of a footprint can your deck have? Most people tend to go overboard when they first set out to draw out their dream deck. They add many levels, add lots of intricate turns and corners, and include an overabundance of stairs. All of this takes up a lot of room quickly. When it comes down to it you probably have less space than you think for the full expanse of what you are designing. Before committing to a shape, mark off the space you actually have available for the footprint of your deck to bring it all into perspective.

2). – What functions do you want your deck to serve? If you are going to be spending a lot of time on your Trex deck you want to make sure that it meets your expectations. Will you be using your deck for lounging and quiet time or will you be throwing elaborate and frequent parties? The answer to these questions will help you determine things like the need for storage, seating, counterspace, sinks, grills, cooktops, refrigeration, or other necessities for a true outdoor living space.

Your Trex deck will be an extension to your home so you want to make sure it fits the bill! Believe it or not you can incorporate most of these items no matter the size of your deck. It will just take some time and creativity.

3). – What type of Trex deck design are you partial to? Square, Rectangular, multi-level, rounded? Not only are these considerations important for the overall design of your Trex deck but they play a major role in the final cost. The more intricate your design is the more custom cutting is required which will drastically increase the labor cost of installing your Trex deck.

Trex Deck Design

Keep in mind that you can still add flair and style to your Trex deck even with a traditional square layout. Adding accessories like seating, lighting, pergolas, flower pots, and other specialized items can give the same visual dimension that the actual shape of your Trex deck can give.

These are just a few things to start with when planning your Trex deck. The time you take to research options and see how other people created the deck of their dreams will pay off in the end!

If you are serious about starting the process of building a Trex deck for your next project, give us a call! Our knowledgeable staff will gladly help answer any additional questions you might have.