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Are you considering installing a Trex deck in your backyard this Spring or have you already begun designing? If so, here are some Trex deck design ideas that might inspire you!

There are endless possibilities of Trex deck sizes and shapes strictly dependent on your personal desires and the characteristics of your yard!

No matter the size, make sure that your Trex deck meets all of your specific needs. So really take the time to note what you expect from your Trex deck and your experience using it.

Trex Deck Design Ideas: Rectangle

The rectangle shaped Trex deck is more traditional and common because whether it is large or small it is very functional. In even the smallest yard a rectangle Trex deck will provide space to sit and even dine outside.

The rectangle Trex deck is most commonly seen in small yards, side yards, or rooftops.

Trex has developed five different size options for the rectangle deck making it easy for you to make the best choice for optimizing your space.

Trex Deck Design Ideas: Overlook

The overlook Trex deck has a primarily rectangle foundation with a peninsula to overlook water, open space, or a sloped yard.

This allows for the best use of your uniquely shaped yard.

Although these Trex decks can be pretty expansive they will look great on the back of a smaller home as well as a large home.

Because this Trex deck design has multiple sides it makes planning fun! Use this perimeter space to put bench seating with cushions, built in and free-standing planters, and a flat top rail to support glasses while guests enjoy the view.

The extra peninsula space on this Trex deck allows you to create separate seating areas from your dining area.

Trex Deck Design Ideas: Beveled Edge

The beveled edge Trex deck is similar to the rectangle deck but with custom edges. The beveled edge allowed a Trex deck to fit into a smaller yard by cutting the corners to make room for traveling around the deck where there may not have been space.

The beveled edge Trex deck was created with the smaller home and yard in mind.

Trex Deck Design Ideas: Custom

Now…if your budget and yard allow you can incorporate aspects from each of these Trex deck designs to create your own shape.

You can design this yourself or you can use Trex’s own deck design software with the assistance of a professional.

Think about it, if you are going to install a long lasting Trex deck in your yard don’t you want to have everything you ever wanted. With Trex offering its own signature add-ons you can have everything on your list no matter your budget.

These little luxuries along with the many benefits of Trex you can rest assured that you are making a sound investment! Trex decking has unbeatable performance, is low maintenance, is made of 95% recycled materials, is completely insect resistant, and comes with a 25-year warranty!

Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we are proud to offer many lines of Trex Decking. Start creating your Trex deck today!