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The beauty of designs using reclaimed wood is attracting all types of people. Because of its versatility, it can be added into any existing décor or be used as the focal point of a new theme. With the variation in colors and finishes, it can take any room from dull to striking. Not only is it eco-friendly, it is budget friendly as well. No matter how you choose designs using reclaimed wood in your home, you will undoubtedly be creating a unique and one of a kind projects that no one else will be able to match.

Here are some interior design themes that you can accomplish with reclaimed wood. Use it in one room to add character to your existing style or in every room for a complete design experience.

Old World Tuscan Designs Using Reclaimed Wood

designs using reclaimed wood

Most of us would like to wake up on the Italian countryside in a quaint secluded home. Using reclaimed wood, you can introduce a century- old look in even the newest home. Reclaimed wood beams can be used on the ceiling to immediately recreate of the antiquity of a Tuscan cottage. Because Tuscan homes were built to naturally cool itself, the ceilings were vaulted and supported with large wood beams.

At heart, the true Tuscan cottage was very rustic and purposeful in design, and adorned with items that were from nature. This was particularly true in the kitchens which tended to be the “center” of the home. Reclaimed wood can be used in cabinetry, flooring, and furniture to replicate this Italian cottage style. Reclaimed wood looks amazing up against stone tiles and countertops for that Italian flare.

Farmhouse Designs Using Reclaimed Wood

designs using reclaimed wood

Choosing to decorate your home in a Farmhouse design style can be quite savvy. This trend takes us to a cozy, warm, and relaxing time when life was much simpler. The key to pulling this off is to find the right balance of old and new. Although it takes a lot of detail to get the perfect farmhouse look, it must be clean and clutter free at the same time.

Like other design styles, the farmhouse appearance can also be enhanced by using reclaimed wood beams. This can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and the kitchen. Because the farmhouse style is not delicate by any means, reclaimed wood doors are an effective way to get that bulky country feel. You can use reclaimed wood in a traditional door orientation or use it to create sliding barn doors.

Because farmhouse kitchens were constantly in use and needed to hold up to feeding large families, the walls were commonly lined with shelves of dishes, jars, and pots. Using reclaimed wood to create these shelves will create an open, but organized farmhouse kitchen.

Overall, reclaimed wood is a great choice for farmhouse décor because it breeds the characteristics of necessity, restoration, and use of the land. This nostalgic look will impress friends and family make your house one of a kind.

Beach House Charm Designs Using Reclaimed Wood

designs using reclaimed wood

Want to feel like you are living an endless summer? If you can’t go on vacation bring it to you. Decorating your home with a beach house theme will give you an air of relaxation year round. Add some nautical wood accents to the typical white and blue color themes of a beach house. Complimenting these textures and themes will give you an authentic seaside feel.

Using reclaimed wood on walls can achieve that hand-built nautical aura. Varying the texture of your reclaimed wood can allow you to get the most rustic look or a sleeker more streamline appearance.

Making a mantel from a piece of non-perfectly shaped reclaimed wood can make it look like it came straight off the beach. Accompany that with an abstract piece of reclaimed wood furniture and ocean décor, and you will swear you are steps from the ocean.

Decorating should be fun and allow you to express your creativity. Use these design trends to make you home special and a reflection of you. Reclaimed would is not only elegant, but full of character and will bring an exclusive feel to your home!