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Is your deck graying and showing its age? Are the boards squeaking, the nails popping, and the stain fading? Does your deck need a major overhaul?

It is normal for a deck to wear out over time and end up needing to be repaired or entirely replaced. If you are considering a deck renovation, the thought of a beautiful, updated deck probably has you dreaming of summer night BBQs and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family.

While the idea of a deck makeover is exciting to you as the homeowner, your neighbors might be less than thrilled about the disturbance that comes with such a project. A deck renovation is a big project that comes with plenty of work, and that work comes with an abundance of noise, and neighbors tend to not like noise.

How to Handle a Deck Renovation

Building a deck is a huge undertaking, but redoing a deck is an even heftier project. A renovation is not just a matter of constructing a new deck. It also requires disassembling your existing deck. Knowing that work can get messy and loud, there are a few steps you can take to be a considerate neighbor during the construction process.

1. Get a Permit

Before you dive into your new deck project, make sure to check the regulations of your city. Guidelines set forth by your city might require homeowners to pull a permit in order to remodel a deck, especially if you are switching up the dimensions or features of your deck. If you need a permit from the city, you will most likely need to submit detailed construction plans as well.

How does this relate to being a polite neighbor? A permit protects you. If your neighbor puts up a fuss about your renovation, you can show proof that you took the proper provisions to follow city protocols. If they do not like the layout, the electrical components, the measurements, or any other design elements related to your new deck, a permit is a great way to defuse any disputes that might arise.

2. Contact Your HOA

If you live in a community with a Homeowner Association (HOA), don’t forget to check those HOA guidelines before you begin building your deck. Just like it is important to check the requirements of your city, you should make sure your new deck will comply with the deeds and covenants of your HOA.

Once again, getting the approval of your HOA safeguards your decision to complete a renovation. When you receive the proper approval to redo your deck, a disapproving neighbor can’t argue with your choice.

3. Notify Your Neighbors

Okay, now that you’ve secured the go-ahead from your HOA and city, you can get to building your deck. Building is when the noise begins, though. Before the banging begins would be an excellent time to inform your neighbors of your decision to makeover your deck. No one likes unplanned noise disruptions to their day, so a simple heads-up goes a long way.

4. Respect Quiet Time

Noise annoyance is particularly irritating to neighbors during the early hours of the morning or late hours of the evening. Try to keep noise to a minimum, and when you must make noise, avoid odd hours.

5. Clean Up

A renovation creates a mess. From taking down the old deck to putting up the new one, you will have significant amounts of trash. Be considerate of your neighbors by not only cleaning up but cleaning up in a timely manner.

And while this may seem like an obvious suggestion, don’t pile all your scraps and debris on a neighbor’s property. In fact, you might want to consider renting a dumpster bin for a few days to have a designated place where you can pile your waste. Heads up, parking a dumpster on your street or in your driveway might require a separate permit, though. Again, doing your homework to understand the rules will help things run smoothly.

6. Communicate With Your Contractors

If you decide to hire contractors to renovate your deck, make sure to speak with them about your goals to not disturb the neighbors. Hiring contractors will bring extra traffic and vehicles to your street, so be sure no one involved in your renovation is illegally parked or blocking a neighbor’s driveway.

Ready to Begin Your Deck Renovation?

Yes, remodeling a deck takes work and effort. No, do not let this discourage you from taking on such a large project. There are all sorts of decking materials available to match every taste and preference. From redwood decking to Trex decking, the end result will be worth the work.

Get ready to enjoy family and friend gatherings on your newly remodeled deck! You might want to even consider inviting your neighbors over for a party, complete with thank-you gifts for their patience during the renovation.