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In this blog series, we have already touched on the most common profiles available in wood siding for your tiny house. We discussed tiny house wood siding options such as Channel Wood Siding, Bevel Wood Siding, Shiplap Wood Siding, Tongue and Groove Wood Siding, and Log Lap Wood Siding. In part two of the series, we dove into the common species we see people utilizing for their tiny houses. We explored Cedar Wood Siding, Pine Wood Siding, Beetle Kill Pine Wood Siding, and Redwood Wood Siding. We also mentioned other species such as Aspen Wood Siding, Doug Fir Wood Siding, Ipe Wood Siding and Hemlock Wood Siding- which are also amazing species to choose from. In part three of this blog series, we will explore cedar shake siding, reclaimed wood siding, vinyl siding, and metal siding. 

Cedar Shake Siding

Cedar Shake Siding gives a smoother and more consistent look, and can be arranged staggered or straight edge depending on your preference. Although the terms shake and shingle are often used interchangeably, traditionally the word ‘shakes’ bring about a more rustic, hand-split connotation, whereas shingles are sawed thicker and made commercially so they appear a bit more uniform. Cedar shake siding comes in the form of a wooden shingle made from split logs and comes in 3 different exposures; 7 1/8″, 5.3″ and 4.25″. Each of the exposures come in several different textures and styles with matching corner systems. We can also get special purpose panels to meet your custom design specifications. Also consider using  CedarLam, a combination of all clear Vertical Grain (V.G.) western red cedar veneer bonded to a wood backer and molded into a T&G pattern. This laminate has several advantages over a solid T&G pattern including much lower cost and more efficient use of the CVG cedar.

Reclaimed Wood Siding

Reclaimed wood is definitely a design fad in our current day and age. Many people like to find salvaged materials that tell a story to install in their home. We can’t blame them, the history and beauty of reclaimed wood siding is something to behold! Reclaimed Wood Siding comes in two different types: faux and true reclaimed wood. These boards have either been cleaned up by the mill or have been created with new wood to mimic the look of reclaimed lumber. Both types offer an ease of install like new material, without the traditional hassle of most reclaimed lumber projects. We carry products from many different supplies such as Sustainable Lumber Company, Replank, Thermory, Montana Ghostwood, Forever Barnwood and Coeur D’ Alene. There are options for every budget and design preference and will make your tiny house truly look like a work of art.

Vinyl Siding 

Many new builds around the country are using vinyl siding. It is known for its durability and being low maintenance. You can find a wide variety of colors and designs which mimics traditional shingles, clapboard and any other popular style. While the price tag might be higher than other materials, it will last a very long time. Given its plastic appearance, many tiny house owners opt for something with a bit more personality and authenticity. If you’re looking to stick with a rustic and authentic look, then vinyl siding might not be the best choice for you. 

Metal Siding

We don’t see people using this type of siding as often, but metal siding does have its own advantages. Due to its nature, it doesn’t burn which can be a consideration if you’re thinking about fire safety. At the same time, it dents more easily than other materials so you should take that into consideration. The most common type of metal siding is corrugated aluminum, although steel is often used as well. Keep in mind that rust will eventually be an issue, but if you don’t mind the look- then consider metal siding. We love the combination look of tiny houses using a mix of wood and metal siding, blending contemporary and rustic. Although it may not be the best choice for siding your entire tiny house, it can be an interesting design feature to add to the look of your home.

We hope this three part series on Wood Siding Options for your Tiny House has been helpful. We’ve gone through the most common profiles on the market- Channel Wood Siding, Bevel Wood Siding, Shiplap Wood Siding, Tongue and Groove Wood Siding, and Log Lap Wood Siding. We’ve also touched on the most common species used in wood siding for your tiny house- Cedar Wood Siding, Pine Wood Siding, Beetle Kill Pine Wood Siding, and Redwood Wood Siding. Additional specialty products such as cedar shake siding, CedarLam, Vinyl Siding, and Metal Siding can also be great options to consider when deciding on a material to use for the wood siding on your tiny house. Now, the choice is yours!