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Content Update – 10/11
TimberTech | All the Things You Should Know

TimberTech is an award-winning decking brand that is well known in the building materials industry. With several lines of decking that allow you to customize your deck through different designs with inlays, feature strips and multiple color choices in which TimberTech can meet all your needs and wants. Each of their lines is protected under limited residential warranties that leave you worry-free knowing your deck will always be taken care of. Over the past few years, TimberTech has partnered up with Azekco.com who is a very large building materials supplier to release a multi-width decking line. This is in addition to several other new products from their own lines of narrow and traditional decking, all the way to railing systems.

Throughout this article we will touch on TimberTech and all the things you should know about this company. We will discuss the new additions to the TimberTech family such as AZEK and their original decking lines that have been around since the beginning. We will also educate you on each line and their characteristics that make them stand out from the rest. What’s a deck without an ideal railing system? Don’t worry we will go over that too. If you are a homeowner on the hunt for a decking brand, this is your new best friend. By the end of this article you will be familiar with everything TimberTech. From their different lines, pricing, and designs- you will leave with a new decking design in mind.

Before we dive into the different kinds of decking and additional products that TimberTech carries, let’s focus on the newest addition, TimberTech AZEK.

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An Introduction to AZEK TimberTech Building Products
The Launch

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AZEK Building Products is a building materials supplier that is separated into two divisions, TimberTech and AZEK Exteriors. A high-quality portfolio of composite decking, railing, porch, light, and paving materials is all enclosed under TimberTech – alongside AZEK, which focuses on one-of-a-kind trim and molding design. As partner brands, the two work together to collaborate with contractors, homeowners, architects, and designers to produce long-lasting and sustainable builds with quality products.

In the spirit of giving homeowners the chance to effectively create patterns and designs with the different sizes of boards, multiple color options will be offered. TimberTech stayed neutral when choosing the color pallet on the Vintage collection. They are offering tones of light and dark brown, as well as mixtures of grey all under the names of Cypress, Dark Hickory, Mahogany, Coastline, English Walnut, and Weathered Teak.

As a little bit of inspiration to customers, the Senior VP of Operations, Bobby Gentile, stated “These three widths can be used in almost any combination to create an extensive range of designs and patterns on deck. From a classic, all narrow or wide look, to geometrically-complex herringbone pattern, the only limits are the imagination of designers and homeowners.”

With a little bit of inspiring design, just about anything is possible when it comes to designing a deck for your own home or clients. Before this new collection, there were limitations on what could be done due to the ability to maneuver standard-sized boards. We believe that this collection is a new evolution in the building industry. It is allowing us to move away from the general decking layouts and create a new sense of style and design, giving homes a modern and edgy twist.

TimberTech AZEK consists of three lines which are Vintage, Arbor, and Harvest. Each line has its own characteristics with colors that are neutral, exotic, and traditional which makes it easy for every homeowner to find a line that best fits their style. TimberTech AZEK is a PVC decking that is durable and resistant to moisture when exposed to the elements. Since it is a deck material that adapts considerably well when wet, it is recommended around pools, hot tubs, or areas of high traffic and high moisture levels. TimberTech AZEK is also protected by a limited 50 year residential warranty, which is highly unheard of as most warranties are between 25 and 30 years. All three lines have the ability to suit any customer’s budget with a wide range of pricing. The Vintage is the highest end and the Harvest line is the most affordable.

Current CEO of AZEK, Jesse Singe, stated regarding their newest launch, “We are excited to be among the first to bring the design versatility of indoor flooring trends to the outdoors.”

TimberTech is a well-known premium decking manufacturer that has set the expectations high in the home building industry. Alongside their traditional products, TimberTech will be releasing two new product lines under their AZEK portfolio. The new Vintage Collection will allow homeowners two options when it comes to choosing the width of their decking boards – wide and narrow. This highly innovative idea will provide homeowners with the freedom to customize their deck with not only the style and color, but also the sizing and layout.

AZEK’s decking collections will be featuring three different dimensions of boards. Narrow boards are measuring 3 ½” standard at 5 ½”, and wide measuring at 7 1⁄4″. Using narrow or wide boards when building a deck can add dimension and uniqueness that most homes don’t have. With this new line, homeowners will also have the option of mixing and matching sizes, which can add a dramatic appeal to any deck, setting it aside from the traditional decking style.

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Now what does this Mean
for the Public?

Homeowers and contractors now have the choice between this new collection vs traditional decking. The options just became even broader.

Homeowners and contractors were excited to witness the new products that would be a part of the upcoming line. “The Launch of our multi-width decking is a pivotal evolution for our company and the industry.” We’re giving customers the option to go against the grain and think beyond traditional planking everyone else has. Contractors also can get creative while continuing to deliver the ultimate in durability to their customers” CEO Jesse Singe stated concerning the launch.

Now you are educated on the products offered by TimberTech and AZEK, along with the new product launch of multi-width decking. Now you probably remember, we mentioned a bunch of different products that TimberTech offers towards the beginning of this article and you want to know more. Let’s jump into their other decking products and what ways you can enhance your TimberTech deck.

First off, let us give them some well-deserved credit. TimberTech, as most know, is a very popular company in the industry. They work with many different suppliers and businesses across the board from lumber yards, wholesalers, and contractors. In 2019, they were ranked the number one brand for the quality of their decking and their railing, which is great! Congrats to you, TimberTech. They not only ranked number one, but they are known for having the most style choices, superior technology, warranties that are unheard of, and relationships with pros. So, let’s talk about their other decking products and why they are so popular.

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Other TimberTech Decking Products

TimberTech Four Sided Composite

TimberTech Four-Sided Composite

TimberTech’s four-sided composite is capped with polymer on all four sides, which allows it to have extreme durability and strength. TimberTech Pros line has authentic wood styles when it comes to the grain on the actual board and the color options available. The texture is hand scraped to give it a 100% natural look, while still acting as a durable alternative to decking. The surface of these boards is built and engineered to withstand damage such as spills, scratches, dents and high traffic. This line from TimberTech comes with a 30-year product warranty, as well as a 30-year fade and stain warranty.

TimberTech Three Sided Composite

TimberTech Three-Sided Composite

TimberTech’s three-sided polymer capped decking is wrapped around three sides of the board, which allows the grooves in the board to be protected against all of the elements Mother Nature can bring. There is no wood in the cap which makes it stronger and more durable than the other lines, even though it is only coated on three sides. TimberTech Edge, is the perfect line for a homeowner who does not want to spend a ton of hours and a lot of money on repairs and rebuilds down the road. This line, just like the rest, comes with a warranty of 25 years.

Interested in TimberTech Decking?

Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we proudly supply TimberTech Decking materials. If you want to learn more about this incredible product, check out our product page!

If You Shop TimberTech
We Promise You Won’t Regret It

TimberTech is the brand to purchase if you are in the market for high quality and sustainable decking that won’t break the bank. They also have a large selection of additional building materials and accents to enhance the overall look of your deck once it is installed, such as railings, lighting, pavers, and much more. They offer dozens of different color options to choose from within all the different lines, which means you are guaranteed to find the perfect color to match the style of your home. With their wide product selection and their 25, 30, and 50 year warranties, TimberTech doesn’t just supply deck materials, they help create an outdoor space for homeowners to enjoy with their friends and family to make memories. They take the stress away from backyard renovations and replace it with fun and excitement in choosing colors, dimensions, and enhancements with accents and fixtures. They create a space that you can relax, unwind, and spend quality time with the people you love.

The next thing that TimberTech is known for aside from their products, are the resources they offer for the average homeowner, architect, designer, and contractor.

Are You a Designer, Architect, or Contractor?

If you are either of these, TimberTech works closely with you and offers premier reward programs that offer discounts and monthly newsletters to keep you updated with the latest news in the industry and within TimberTech. For designers and architects, TimberTech also offers a binder of detailed product guides and specs for all your designs and architecture projects!

They also offer resources such as Installation Help, CAD Details, and DesignGuide.com. They also regularly update their social media pages and they are full of inspiration and design ideas that are available to anyone to use and customize to fit their design perfectly.

The next few resources are geared towards homeowners, but can also be used and benefit designers, architects, and contractors. Let’s talk about these resources.

TimberTech Design Inspiration

Choosing a design for your deck is almost impossible without the help of a contractor or designer. You want your deck to flow with your house, but of course look stylish and design worthy. There are a lot of things to consider such as where a staircase should be, where an entrance or walkway is, and how big the overall deck should be. TimberTech’s next resource is a design inspiration center of already drawn decking designs that consist of options of inlays and feature strips. You can customize them to match your home, some of which already have a decking material and railing type chosen for you.

The first step in the design process is picking a color of the board that contrasts the siding of your home to make it look like it was never an add on. The first thing you spot on the web is a visual representation of the different hues, variations, and finishes that are available so you can have an idea of what you want. Once you pick your color, it takes you through the options for the railing so you can find one that best fits your style, your home, and the color of your deck. Now you have the option to scroll through some decking designs that were picked personally by TimberTech designers. Each design will give you a description of all the products used and their colors so you can recreate the design. If you aren’t sure about the color and want to see it in person, don’t worry because you can order free samples and they will send it right to your door. You also may want to check with your supplier to see if they have any samples or mock builds that you can look at and see if the style is right for you.

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TimberTechDecking and Railing 101

Let’s talk about some resources that TimberTech has to offer, starting with Decking and Railing 101. This is basically like an online book that lists out all the basics of decking and railing for beginners. This guide helps you learn the lingo for the necessities of decks and railing, along with learning how to choose the right material for your lifestyle.

One of the first things you see on the online book is a picture guide that helps you learn the difference between the deck, rail, risers, fascia, and infill and the location of these essentials on your deck. Next, it takes you through a list of the ways your deck can fail once it is installed when it is natural wood. TimberTech is made out of composite material which means the chances of it failing are extremely low. Not only is their decking stylish, but it is also low maintenance and sustainable for the environment. The remainder of this section takes you through the power of composite decking and why it is a great alternative to traditional wood decking. To finish off the online book, they compare each line of TimberTech’s composite decking with all their characteristics so you can choose the best line for your home.

Lern more about TimberTech Railing below!

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TimberTech Cost Estimator

Now for the most important part of any deck build, the budgeting. Of course, going into the deck building process, you will probably have a budget in mind. The number one rule when setting a budget is to create a bigger budget than needed. This will not only help you stay within your budget, but it will help your stress levels stay down during this already stressful process. TimberTech offers an option on their website where you can calculate how much your materials are going to cost so there are no surprises when you go into buying the materials. The worst feeling is to walk into a store blindsided and not know what to expect. They also offer resources that compare the different options so you can decide which one is best for your design and your budget. Some of their descriptions include Composite Vs Wood and Capped Composite Vs Capped Polymer. They also provide a bar graph that compares the price of each line and the materials needed for installation.

If you are wanting to order supplies online and do your deck install yourself, you can request a free quote from their website, and they can get you as close of a quote as possible. Once you get the quote back, you can order materials, have it sent to you and start your deck renovation as soon as you get it! If you aren’t wanting to do it yourself and need to find a contractor, you can also find a supplier and a contractor closest to you on their website as well.

If you are shopping with us at RMFP for TimberTech products, you’re probably wondering what are your options with us as your supplier? Let’s talk about that.

TimberTech at RMFP

As a leading composite decking supplier, we carry TimberTech decking in addition to other brands of composite decking from Fortress, Trex, Fiberon, and Evergrain. We sell TimberTech products from three of their exquisite lines Legacy, Tropical, and Terrain. Each line of decking is capped on all four sides, endures stains and scratches well, has vibrant wood grain, is low maintenance and is protected with a 25-year limited warranty. Let’s talk about each characteristic of each line of decking.

The colors offered in the Legacy Line are Ashwood, Mocha, Pecan, and Tigerwood. All of the colors are very natural, and earth toned, which gives it a very natural and raw look compared to some colors.

The Tropical line is a little more unique with more vibrant and deep colors of greys, reds, and browns in the color options of Amazon Mist, Caribbean Redwood, Antique Palm, and Antigua Gold.

Lastly, we have the Terrain line in which colors are very true to nature and make it feel as if you are on a hike through the mountain ranges with colors of Brown Oak, Rustic Elm, Sandy Birch, Silver Maple, and Stone Ash. These colors are much more neutral and lighter than the other two lines.

Every single one of these lines still holds to the characteristics of all TimberTech’s products by being durable and sustainable, able to withstand weather and having a resistance to mold, mildew, and moisture damage. They all also come with warranties that make replacing and repairing boards very easy.

At RMFP, we also offer TimberTech railing products that are made of 73% recycled material, which makes each one of their products very eco friendly. Just like the decking, their railing also has a 25-30 year warranty to cover any damage or repairs that need to be done within those 30 years. We carry a couple of different lines of their railing starting with Radiance Rail which comes in White, Black, Kona, Brownstone, Slate Gray and Mountain Cedar. With Radiance Rail, you have a sculpted top and a curved edge with a rail kit that provides everything you need for one straight or stair rail section. Sold separately, you also have the post covers, caps, and skirts for the railing. Lastly, we also have the hardware for easy installation to do it yourself if you choose to.

The next line of railing is the Premier Line which gives the look and feel of real wood, while being metal. It is available in 6’, 8’, and 10’ lengths with no painting, staining, or sealing required. It comes with a high durability rating.

TimberTech’s last line of railing is Evolution Rail, which has a very sleek design look coming in Classic Black, Brick, or Walnut Color. This line of railing allows you to choose a railing option that looks very chic, contemporary, and luxurious with a limited budget.

TimberTech is one of the most popular brands of decking across the nation. They offer several different options to allow their clients to customize their decks to the best of their ability while staying within their budget. From decking, railing, resources, and add on accessories to post caps, skirts, and lighting- TimberTech has it all. This is why we chose to partner with them in supplying their products at our specialty building materials lumber yard, RMFP. Thanks to TimberTech, we have built relationships with many contractors and homeowners that have used their products for their deck projects.

Learn All About the TimberTech Materials we Provide

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