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One step distribution means huge savings on timbers.

Timbers are the bread and butter construction material for contractors, landscapers, and home builders alike. But the longing for quality and affordable timbers doesn’t stop there. It’s a material that designers, house flippers, and DIY homeowners also request frequently. And why wouldn’t that be so, since they can be used for such a variety of projects?

But as many who look for timbers know, it’s not the demand that is the problem. It’s the supply.

Finding exactly what you need, (right length, width, or quantity) can sometimes be difficult. Even when you find it, the materials can be expensive. But you know that already… so let’s get to the solution.


The one step distribution approach:

We fully believe that there are too many steps to traditional distribution. There are too many steps, too many people, too much transporting of materials from place to place. The one-step distribution approach is much like the wholesale approach, except the materials are open for retail, right to the public, from the beginning. This means absolutely incredible savings for everyone.

The normal distribution: Mill—(to)—-Wholesaler—- (to)—- Lumber yard—- (to)— contractors/ public.

The one step distribution process: Mill—(to)—Wholesaler—(to)— you.

By cutting out the middlemen the timbers get shipped directly to the wholesaler, where the public can access them directly, and the cost to consumers is greatly reduced.


Full control sourcing & benefits to you

Working directly with mills means that there is full control over what materials are imported. This means that we can order bridge planking, alaskan yellow cedar, or even 18 x 36 beams if we want to. We can order on demand, and source whatever our customers are looking for, to their exact specifications. Our long held, 43 year relationship with mills has led to an unparalleled buying power that should really be taken advantage of. We’re happy to say that many have, and we’ll continue to go above and beyond to get whatever our customers need, no matter how rare or bizarre the order is.

Several different grades are available, and we serve the needs of both residential and commercial customers, and we ship anywhere within the U.S.


How to use the timbers:

Many already know what they need timbers for. But for those who are curious, here are a few examples of how timbers can be used:

  • Framing a deck
  • Landscaping- timber edging
  • Retaining wall
  • Building a Pergola
  • Steps- no matter where (in your home, for your deck, in your garden…)
  • For a terrace garden
  • Exposed beams in your home (great for any room for that cozy feel)
  • Framing a home


No matter what you need your timbers for, we can provide you with what you need, and we’ll do it for a better price.

If you’re looking for timbers, give us a call at: 866-534-2108. You can also stop by our lumber yard, no appointment needed.