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About the Company

Thermory is a superior wood material manufacturer that specializes in the production of reclaimed wood materials that are thermally treated. Thermory focuses on combining functionality, science, beauty, and long-lasting solutions within each of their products. They focus on four key attributes within their company being “Create Solutions, Enhance Environments, Be Transparent, Push Boundaries.” They sell a wide selection of products from decking, cladding, and porch flooring. All of which are put through a modification process and enhanced to the highest quality possible before being released for resale.

Thermory Leaving Their Mark

Thermory’s main concern in manufacturing their materials is sustainability. They take pride in the fact that they don’t destroy rainforests and cut down an unimaginable number of trees, causing damage to the Earth. They use practices that are sustainable from beginning to end. They are creating solutions and not adding to the crisis of global climate change. Their modification process, which we will dive into later is composed of strictly heat and steam, making it 100 percent natural with no harsh chemicals.

The Modification Process

Thermory uses heat and steam to naturally enhance the wood’s overall aesthetic. Each batch is tailored to the specific product and job that the material is going to be used for. The main reason for using heat and steam is to alter the wood and enhance it completely, giving control over the process by exposure to steam. All of their products are put through a milling process that is unmatched by anyone else, each board comes out the other end smooth, straight, durable, and reliable.

Their Reclaimed Products

Thermory’s reclaimed wood cladding is divided up into two different series. The Benchmark series and The Drift Defying Convention. Each series consists of attributes that make a high quality, functional, and durable product, with one of a kind coloring and aesthetics.

The Benchmark Series

This series has been a part of Thermory for over 20 years. Every year since, they have been working at perfecting this series by providing a sophisticated real wood appearance that sets the bar high for resistance to rot, warp, and wear and tear. The modification process on this series leaves the wood with vibrant colors and a rich natural aesthetic. Each customer has the option to oil the boards each year to prolong the life of the coloring or to leave it natural and allow the wood to truly appear as natural untreated. Over time the color will age and fade creating true weather and rustic look.

The Drift Defying Convention –

Drift allows you to step outside of the box and gives a bolder look to your boards. With Drift, you still get the durability and resistance to rot, but with a rustic appearance of Thermory products. As time goes on, this board transforms its color into a platinum grey, almost silver undertone.

What You Get in Thermory’s Products

With each one of Thermory’s building materials, you get a high-quality product that is: 

Rot Resistant

Each board is exposed to the fungus to control the ability to be resistant to rot. As a result of this, each board is class 1 rot resistant which means each board has a life expectancy of 25 years.


The moisture content of each board is set to a certain temperature and humidity level, resulting in a board that is higher quality than any wood that is kiln-dried.

Fire Rating

The rate of fire spread and smoke production is tested on each board. Each board is rated under Class B and is in comparison to Red Oak, which is rated under Class C.

Limited Formaldehyde

During the modification process, the amount of formaldehyde is reduced allowing each board to be rated at standard for kiln-dried.


Each board is strategically calculated when it comes to moisture content, weight, and density which means the strength and durability of each board is unmatched. Each board’s surface is hardened making it ideal for decks and high traffic areas.

Termite Resistance

Each board is at low risk for termites to infes,t making it ideal for a project that homeowners don’t want to have to replace down the road.

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