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With the end of the fall season slowly creeping up on us, now is the time to complete any exterior projects. With all the snow and cold weather we’re about to get, having to build a fence or deck outside in 15 degree weather sounds horrible.

So take advantage of the cold weather we’re expecting and utilize that time to work on the interior of your home rather than the exterior. This can be kitchen remodels, bathroom fixes, or maybe flooring and siding projects – the choice is yours! Siding projects are a great project to complete right now and we’ll go into why, but first you should know what’s available to you:


What kind of wood siding do we offer?

Whether you’re looking for Tongue and Groove (T&G), Bevel, Log Lap, Channel or even Shiplap – we have it all. As the nation’s largest supplier of natural wood siding, we are able to get you any type of siding in a wide range of lengths. And with our well-established relationships with mills across the country, we can even get you special or custom cuts with a very, very short turnaround time. So if you’re rushing to put a project together right now, we can certainly help you reach your goals.

But, back to the topic at hand…

Seasonality of Wood Siding

Siding projects are ideal this time of year, for a few reasons. As previously stated, with all the harsh winter weather Colorado sees every year – having to build anything outdoors will seem daunting and much more of a burden or chore, rather than a fun, enjoyable project.

But another reason why interior siding projects would be optimal to complete right as winter approaches, is the insulation capabilities.


Lower your energy costs

Did you know that certain types of siding can offer excellent insulation?

Yes, it’s true! Bevel siding’s classic look and design allows for great heat retention and insulation, so if you’re hoping to see a drop in your heat bill this winter take a look at siding projects and see if it’s right for you.

In most cases, it will be. Coloradoans love the outdoors and Mother Nature, so use this as an opportunity to take a little piece of nature into your home this winter!


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