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As a homeowner, when you install a deck or fence you want to make sure they are installed properly and are secured. If your deck is not installed properly, then you take the risk of your deck failing and needing to be replaced or repaired before it needs to be. Every type of decking works with just about any fastener, however some may work better with certain types of decking. This is important to pay attention to, especially if your type of decking works best with a type of fastener. Ask your supplier if they recommend a certain fastener to use. In this article, we will be talking all about deck fasteners. Specifically, Fiberon Deck Fasteners. More on that to come!

Board Profile

The profile of your board is very important when deciding what kind of fastener to use on your decking. There are two different kinds of profiles for composite decking boards: grooved and square edge. All Fiberon boards are designed with the ability to use fasteners on the surface in mind and the boards are also built to work with hidden fasteners. What is a hidden fastener? A hidden fastener is a metal or plastic clip that fits into the grooves along the side of each board to secure them together without being seen. Fiberon offers several different hidden fastener options, known by the name Fiberon Phantom Fasteners.

Things to Know About Fiberon Phantom Fasteners

  • All these fasteners are produced from a high-quality material and are packaged with a carbon steel screw already inserted to make the install process faster.
  • Hidden fasteners can help with leaving a consistent gap in between every board, which is important during install so the boards have room to move and expand.
  • Plastic fasteners are less expensive to manufacture which means you can save money if you use plastic compared to metal.
  • Their GT fasteners are a traditional metal fastener and are resistant to corrosion.
  • GT fasteners have more of a serrated edge like teeth to prevent twisting that can happen.
  • GT Fasters can be used on interior boards as well as exterior boards, where the universal fasteners are meant for outdoors normally.

Surface Fasteners

While hidden fasteners are popular among homeowners and contractors, we get that you may want traditional fasteners that secure on the surface of your boards. Fiberon offers an option for fasteners that works with square edge boards that are often installed on the perimeter of decks. Their square edge boards work well with Cortex Hidden Fasteners or composite deck screws if you want a different alternative to fasteners.

Cortex Fasteners

Cortex Fasteners are a type of hidden fastener that is color matched to the board while still securing on the surface of the board. This would be a great alternative for someone wanting a hidden fastener, but without the hassle of them. Follow these steps on how to install one of these cortex colors matched fasteners.

First, you want to make sure you have all the proper materials and the driving tip that is included in the fastener system. This driving tip will put the screw in at the perfect depth for your board. Next, you want to lightly tap the color matched plug over the screw using a hammer. Be sure to not hit the plug so hard that you damage or crack the surface. You then want to repeat the process with each fastener until they are properly secured.

Fiberon is a manufacturer that has thought about everything. Each type of material they carry has a fastener or securing method paired with it to ensure that you don’t have any issues or defects with materials during install. All of Fiberon’s materials are high quality and sold at an affordable price to make the renovation process less stressful and easier to budget. This blog was influenced by a blog written directly by Fiberon on their fastener systems and how to install them. For more information on their products and materials visit their website directly or come visit us at RMFP. We carry many different products from Fiberon and would be happy to walk you through them!