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Drywall is the standard, go-to building material used in homes. It’s been around for decades and is widely used as part of interior construction projects. Also known as sheetrock or wallboard, drywall is a lightweight material installed over the framing of a house to cover pipes, wiring, and insulation. It completes the look of ceilings and walls inside a home.

Nowadays, drywall has some competition – shiplap. Shiplap has increased in popularity over the past several years, but the idea has been around for much longer. Shiplap refers to wooden planks or boards installed parallel to one another and fit together seamlessly. Rabbets, or grooves in the edges, act like puzzle pieces to create a tight seal between boards.

The beauty of shiplap is that it has a wide variety of uses. Shiplap is not limited to just indoor use. Its durability and versatility make it an excellent choice for exterior wooden siding too.

What makes shiplap so great? Why choose shiplap over drywall or traditional siding? Let’s explore the benefits of shiplap versus these other home construction options.

Indoor Use

There are some major advantages to installing shiplap wood versus drywall inside your home.

Easy Installation: Shiplap installation is super simple. If attempting it as a DIY project, you’ll need a nail gun, hammer, level, and saw. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 – set on the groove, level, and nail.

Drywall installation takes time and technique. It’s a labor-intensive project that requires multiple steps from hanging the sheets to then taping, mudding, and sanding down the drywall. From there, you must prime it, texture it, and paint it as well.

Mess and More Mess: That taping, mudding, and sanding is a mess! You will have a layer of drywall dust everywhere. If you are going for a less-mess approach, shiplap wins hands down. Nail the boards up, plus no taping joints.

Durability: Holes or dents in drywall are a headache to deal with. Yep, here comes the taping, mudding, and sanding if you need to repair damaged sheetrock. Bring on the mess again. Shiplap is made of solid wood, and that thickness can withstand a lot. You won’t be creating holes in shiplap when moving that furniture or playing with the kids.

Home Decor: Say goodbye to searching for studs. Want to hang a large piece of artwork? You can select any area on your shiplap wall. The board is thick and strong enough to support wall hangings without placing a nail in a stud.

Appearance: Shiplap can go anywhere from bedrooms and bathrooms to the kitchen or living room. There is something warm and inviting about shiplap that brings a timeless and seamless feel to any home. Shiplap can be painted or stained for a more customized look that you simply can’t achieve with drywall.

Outdoor Use

Shiplap is not just for indoor use. When correctly installed and properly maintained, shiplap can be a long-lasting siding option for your home.

Insulation: Since shiplap siding consists of overlapping boards, you get a firm seal with shiplap siding. The interlocking pieces and tight joints come together to lock out the cold and keep in the heat, ensuring your home is securely insulated.

Maximum Protection: Do you want a siding that will protect your home against a variety of weather conditions and temperatures? Shiplap siding is perfect in cooler and harsh climates. With one board over another board, shiplap is designed to specifically resist outdoor elements.

Replacement Ease: Due to how easy it is to install shiplap, removal and replacement are just as simple. You do not need to replace a whole section if a problem develops with one board. The offending board can be removed and replaced. You won’t be overwhelmed with the maintenance and upkeep of shiplap siding.

Shiplap for Your Next Home Improvement Project

Shiplap is so much more than just that accent wall you see on the cover of a magazine. It serves a wide range of purposes and is an excellent addition to any home. Whether you plan to replace drywall or fix up an outside wall, shiplap is a durable and versatile option, making it a solid choice for both interior and exterior home improvement projects.