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With Thanksgiving around the corner, there are often a lot of children running around the house as the family all gathers together to give thanks. Keeping these children entertained is one of the more difficult aspects of the holidays. While playing games is just a natural part of the holidays and being reunited with nieces and nephews, everyone needs a little grownup time.

Here are a few ideas to keep everyone happy and entertained this Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Toss

You could really use anything to toss, and to toss into. But you have to admit that these little cauldrons and pumpkins are pretty darn cute. It seems people of all ages love throwing small objects into baskets and cups. For whatever reason, it’ll keep the kids entertained… and maybe a few of the adults.

How To Keep Kids Entertained At Thanksgiving

source: playgroundparkbench.com

Stuff The Turkey Game

To get the instructions to this game, click on the image. It goes similarly with the first game, throwing items into a bucket. But this one just goes with the Thanksgiving theme a little more than others.

How To Keep Kids Entertained At Thanksgiving

source: kidfriendlythingstodo.com

Pumpkin Golf

The instructions are in the link, click on the image. It’s quite a cute idea. Everyone loves a bit of mini golf. Maybe you’ll even get creative and go full out, make a whole mini golf course.

How To Keep Kids Entertained At Thanksgiving

source: agirlandagluegun.com

Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

And checkers. I think this would be my favorite thing to do during Thanksgiving backyard games. A giant board of tic tac and checkers, oh it’s on.

How To Keep Kids Entertained At Thanksgiving

If I were expecting a lot of children over for the holidays, I think I would go full out and build an entire obstacle course, and include a lot of these fun games along the way. There are probably a million games and ideas to keep children entertained. It often doesn’t take much, as long as you give them a few outlets and opportunities to use their imagination.

Happy Thanksgiving!