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Backyard renovation can be stressful and expensive. Here at RMFP, we want to make your renovation process as simple and stress free as possible. We carry a wide selection of products to make the process of choosing the right products easy. Here is a step by step guide for backyard renovation:

Backyard Renovation Steps

Step 1: The first step to renovating your backyard is starting with a clean slate. If you are completely redoing your backyard, it is important to take down your old fence, take down your existing deck and wipe the space clean. Of course, if you are just touching up your deck or fence then skip this step. Once you demolish your old deck and fence, make sure your landscaping is clean by pulling any weeds and leveling any lumps in your grass.

Step 2: The second step is designing the layout of your backyard. Take pictures of your backyard space and decided what size patio space you want, how far out you want your deck and where you want your fence to lie. Once you know what you want your layout to be, then you can plan out your landscaping.

Step 3: The third step is choosing your products. When it comes to choosing your products, it is important to take the time to research and choose the right product for your renovation. We carry many different types of fencing, decking, siding and dimensional lumber and they each have their attributes.  Certain products we carry work better for certain projects and certain environments. Once you choose your product, place the order and wait for them to get delivered! Note: Make sure you keep copies of your receipts so you can account for all your building materials.

Step 4: The fourth step falls into two sections, the delivery and reviewing of the products. Once your building materials get delivered, go through all of them and make sure you aren’t missing any materials and that all the correct materials were delivered. Of course, if anything with your delivery or your order is wrong or missing let us know! We want to help and make sure this process runs smoothly.

Step 5: Now it’s time to build. Make sure the contractor you are working with is aware of your design layout and how you want your design to look. After you have walked your contractor through the process, it’s your time to sit back and relax while the project construction happens! If you are a do it yourselfer and want to install yourself, make sure you have the right tools for the job and go to town.

Step 6: Once your install is complete and everything is to your liking, you can start to decorate to enhance the overall look of your backyard space. Let’s start with decorating your patio and deck. The main use for a deck and patio is entertaining, so start with your seating. Pick a patio set that suits your needs the best, whether it be a table or a lounge chair and couch. Once you have your seating picked out, you can go about decorating with table settings, umbrellas, and seating cushions. 

Now to your fence!

Step 7: Now that your deck is built and decorated you can move on to your fence. Now, it is not popular to decorate your fence. Most times once your fence is installed, you don’t do anything else to it. If you are a person who likes to stand out and be different, you could add painted patterns and designs to your fence, or you can add some design to your fence with something as simple as lights or some plants.

Step 8: Landscaping is the next and final step to finishing your backyard space. If you need landscaping done talk with your landscaper and decide on a layout and what things you want to add to your space like bushes, trees, greenery, flowers, mulch, or rocks. Once your landscaper knows what you want, relax and let them take over!

Step 9: Your backyard space is finally complete! Now you can grab a drink, kick up your feet and enjoy your newly renovated outdoor space. Of course, add décor if you want such as metal wall décor, planter boxes or benches, and even some outdoor lights. Your backyard is where memories are made with family and friends, so make sure your space is renovated and designed to your liking and style.