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The stairs in your home are an important design element that can dramatically change the entire look of your home. New stair design ideas and concepts around stairs are suggesting that stairs do not have to necessarily to match your main flooring. This means that your can do an update to your home by just changing your stairs!

Beetle kill pine is a beautiful naturally occurring wood product that can really amp up your stairway. Here are some unique ways in which you can use beetle kill pine to not only make your stairs functional but a centerpiece to your home:

RMFP’s Stair Design Ideas

  • Observatory Stairway – Some homes have small spiral stairways that lead to an observatory turret or reading room. These stairways are usually “floating” meaning that there is not a rise. Using beetle kill for the stair piece will nicely accent any railing material that you choose while giving a sense of natural comfort.
  • Mix of Metal and Beetle Kill – If you have a more modern home and would like to add a natural element among the metals and darker color schemes that you might have this is an impressive way to do so. Beetle kill stairs mix well with any type of metal from and antique bronze to a brushed silver. This elegant mixture of elements keeps with a modern vibe but with a connection to nature.
  • Cabin Staircase – Whether you have a vacation cabin or a cabin for a primary residence, your staircase can get lost among all of the logs that make up the main structure. There are ways that you can give your cabin stair case a look that is apart from the rest of the décor by using beetle kill pine. Despite that main décor of your cabin beetle kill stairs can give some dimension by reflecting the blue stain hues off of your original color scheme.
  • Laboratory Staircase – Many homeowners and designers are really pushing the envelope when it comes to mixing elements. Creating a beetle kill stairway that is adorned with a sheer glass railing is a look that you may have to grow to love. The stark partnership of a clear clean glass railing mixed with beetle kill wood can be harsh but with the right surrounding décor will definitely be one of a kind.
  • Built In Gates – Do you have small children or pets that need to be constantly protected from the stairs? If so, installing customized beetle kill gates with a barndoor motif can actually make a gate visually appealing. This eloquent design idea using beetle kill pine can take the disdain out of needing the barrier. Beetle kill pine can easily meld with your current stairway material.
  • Industrial – Many people are really being pulled toward industrial design and décor. It is an uncommon look that is gaining popularity. The industrial décor that comes in furniture, hardware, lighting, and wall décor really looks good with anything! Beetle kill stairs accented with an industrial cable railing present with a very stoic look but will blend with any softer décor around it.  

Incorporating beetle kill pine into your staircase design will not only make it personable but will emanate a sense of design that will transform the interior of your home.

In most floor plans the stairs are one of the first things that you see when you walk in or are the center of the main house design. This means that their arrangement is paramount to your entire home. A beetle kill staircase is a must have! If your stair design ideas include the use of beetle kill pine, contact us! We here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products would be happy to help answer any questions you might have about the product.