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If you have an outdoor living space it is probably one of your most favorite places. The selection of furniture that you choose is the key to its functionality and comfort.

Beetle kill pine is part of Colorado living and is a symbol of the Rocky Mountains. Although our forests have been devastated by the mountain pine beetle Colorado companies are working together to make use of the fallen trees to prevent further damage to the environment.

By purchasing outdoor furniture made from beetle kill pine you are part of the solution as well. Using eco-friendly products will increase the longevity of the Earth for future generations.

By selecting the right pieces of furniture, you can enhance your outdoor living experience.

Beetle Kill Pine Furniture: Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs made from beetle kill pine not only provide some relaxing seating options for friends and family, they really showcase the character and colors of beetle kill pine.

Beetle Kill Pine Furniture: Table and Chairs

Selecting a large rectangular table and chairs made of beetle kill pine can serve as the epicenter for entertaining. The key is to have a table large enough to serve food and still have room for plates and other tableware comfortably.

Beetle Kill Pine Furniture: Bars

Having an outdoor bar makes entertaining a breeze and will keep you from running in and out of the house refreshing drinks.

Bars really have the design ability to display the intricate detail of beetle kill pine. The vertical presentation of the blue stain is really marvelous.

Beetle Kill Pine Furniture: Flower Boxes and Planters

Adding little bits of detail around your outdoor living space makes it feel quant and special. Ornamenting your deck or patio with flower boxes and planters made of beetle kill pine can help you incorporate some of your landscaping directly into your outdoor living space.

Beetle Kill Pine Furniture: Pergolas

Whether your outdoor living space is a deck or patio, a pergola made from beetle kill pine will add some shade from the sun while still letting it in.

A pergola made with beetle kill pine can be extremely decorative in design to add some flair to your outdoor living space.

Beetle Kill Pine Furniture: Decorative Beams

If you are designing an outdoor living space that is under an existing deck think about putting beetle kill pine beams up as a decorative accent. If you are lucky enough to find some in longer lengths the effect of the blue stain is unsurpassable.

There are many ways to make your outdoor living space personalized like the interior of your home. The key is using customized products and unique design ideas. Beetle kill pine is such a breathtaking material that cannot be duplicated by man.

Since beetle kill pine is rot resistant and can stand up to the elements it is one of the best choices for exterior furniture. It does not require a lot of maintenance and is easy to care for. Since the blue stain has actually become a part of the wood it will not fade meaning that your beetle kill pine will stay looking amazing for years to come!