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With Spring in the air your contractor is probably expecting an upswing in business and you most likely have odd Springtime job ideas that have built up over the Winter.

With the drastic temperature changes that we see in Colorado, this means months of thawing and freezing.  The number of minor repairs around your home can quickly accumulate. For example, damaged pipes, roof leaks, gutter damage, off set doors and windows, and much more.

Here are four areas of your home that you should inspect every Spring to make sure they stay in tip top shape:

Springtime Job Ideas: The Attic

Since the attic is one the least frequented areas of your home damage can be easily overlooked. Especially if you have an older home, make sure that you make a visit at least a couple of times a year to keep up on any repairs. The most common things to look for in the attic are leaks and dampness. Make sure to look for water markings throughout your attic because you may not always catch a leak when it is active.

Furthermore, look in every nook and cranny for animal droppings as small critters may have made your attic their home in the cold Winter months. Squirrels and even racoons can squeeze through some pretty tight spaces.

Springtime Job Ideas: Gutters

If you cleaned out your gutters in the Fall as recommended, then hopefully you have reduced or eliminated any gutter damage. If not, then gutters may have cracked, split, and shifted from being clogged.

Many homeowners make the mistake of leaving their gutters unattended. This is a nightmare waiting to happen! If gutters are not operating properly water can build up around the foundation of your home causes irreversible damage. Moisture can also build up behind siding and stucco because it is not funneled down from the roof and away from your house.

Don’t forget to check the downspouts. Even if your gutters appear to be free of debris it can still accumulate in the downspout. This can eventually lead to the same damage as clogged gutters over time.

Springtime Job Ideas: Siding  

Your homes exterior is vulnerable to the elements throughout the year. Brick, siding, and stucco need regular inspection to catch any potential problems.

Wood siding is especially prone to mold, algae, and pest infestation.

Vinyl siding can easily be cracked or pitted by hail and/or flying debris during windstorms.

Make sure to look for these same risks even if you are replacing or covering an already existing material. If you do not repair holes, gaps, cracks, or other issues before covering them you can have a disaster on your hands.

Springtime Job Ideas: Roof

Just like other areas of your homes exterior your roof is exposed all year long to varying elements. Therefore, to diligently care for your roof you should inspect it every change of season.

Even if you did a thorough check of your attic don’t skip the roof. Your roof may have damage that has not reached the interior.

Walk the roof in search of holes, missing shingles, loose tiles, trapped debris and other situations that may compromise your roof.

Take the time to inspect these major areas of your home or hire your contractor to do so. This will definitely benefit you in the long run and save you thousands of dollars in catastrophic damage.