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In previous articles, we have discussed the different options of fencing that are available to you. One of the more popular designs, especially in Colorado, is the Split Rail Fence. With its rustic and organic appearance, nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers adore Split Rail designs.

So let’s assume that this particular design is the one that you have chosen for your home. When it comes to installation, you can choose to tackle the project yourself or you can hire a contractor. If you’re considering approaching this as a DIY-er, then we’ll cover a few tips and tricks for split rail fence installations:


Tip #1: Pre-building Plans

The key to success is establishing a plan of action.

So prior to starting any project, you must plan accordingly. Be sure that you are building along your property lines, aren’t at risk of hitting any underground power lines, and that you’ve checked with your HOA to confirm that your project will adhere to all the necessary codes and requirements.

Even more so, be sure that you have all the necessary tools and materials. It’s always better to have a little extra then having to buy more. The only tools you’re going to need will be a post hold digger, a level and measuring tape.

If you unsure of how much or which materials to use, contacting one of our specialists for free estimates, quotes and general inquiries is always available for customers.


Tip #2: Be Sure You Have All the Proper Materials and Tools

Once you have your materials, tools, and layout of what your project will be – you’re ready to start building!

It’s always helpful to lay out all your rails and posts where they will be installed, as it will help your overall vision of what the completed project will look like as well as help you space out your project effectively to avoid any building blunders or mishaps.

Split RailSplit Rail

Pro Tip: While some people say that gravel can be used for securing posts holes, we recommend buying concrete. It’s inexpensive and provides more stability in high speed winds – something that can be common in Colorado.

Tip #3: Split Rail Fence Installation is Incredibly Easy

One of the best features of the split rail fence design, is that it is incredibly easy to install.

The rails slide right into the pre-drilled posts and you’ll only need to dig appropriate post holes, so completing this kind of project can be done in a few hours. Think of it like a puzzle and you’re just putting the pieces together.

Pro Tips: always start with end posts and be sure that each section is about 8 feet or more apart. Always use a level to make sure your fence is balanced and consistent.


Concluding Thoughts

With minimal tools, easy-to-work-with materials and the most simple install process, Split rail fence installation is an incredibly easy project to complete. With all of these factors at play, split rail fence installation can be done by any level of builder! So, why wait?

Feel free to contact one of our specialists and get your materials, today!

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