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Reclaimed wood is a building material that will continue to become more and more popular as the design industry continues to grow. The act of sourcing reclaimed wood can be done a multitude of ways. Additionally, there are a couple of different types of reclaimed wood in regards to the material they are made out of, if it is true or faux, and where it is originally sourced from. The history and the process of reclaimed wood are fascinating and is something that any reclaimed wood buyer or supplier should be educated on.

Sourcing Reclaimed Wood | Where can it Be Found?

If the reclaimed wood you are buying is real wood, it is commonly milled from deconstructed buildings and towns. Most of these buildings are 100 years old and have been abandoned. The older the wood is, the more aesthetically pleasing it can be. The age and wear and tear on the wood creates a very distressed, aged, and vintage look.

This wood is taken from old buildings such as churches, school houses, general stores, and distilleries. Once the wood is taken from these places, it is put through a milling process that allows it to be resold and used as a building material for accent walls, bar doors, shelving, flooring, and siding.

The Process of Sourcing Reclaimed Wood

True Reclaimed Wood

Once the wood is found, it is put through a process of removing old nails and splinters that makes the wood unusable as a siding product. The splits, cracks, and warps are typically left present to enhance the rustic and weathered look of the reclaimed wood. Beyond this, not much is done to the wood because many designers use true reclaimed wood for the true appearance and characteristics that is carried.

Faux Reclaimed Wood

Faux reclaimed wood is put through a manufacturing process that is specific to the companies who supply it. Some companies put their material through a heat and steam process that allows the board to be 100% natural looking with enhanced color and wood grain. While other brands simply mimic the look of true reclaimed wood by distressing and coloring the new material. The manufacturing process depends on the company you are getting your product from as well as the material used to create the boards.

Our Product

Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we carry true and faux reclaimed wood from multiple different companies. RePlank, Coeur D’ Alene, Forever Barnwood, and Skiplap are a select few brands we carry. Each brand has a specific process in which its material, true or faux, goes through before it is ever resold. We carry multiple different brands as opposed to just one, so that our customers can have variety and rest assured that they will be able to find their idea of perfect in a product. On our website, we have pages for each brand, and we dive deep into the company and their history. As well as their manufacturing process, you can also find the specifics of their product such as the color, profile, cut, and overall uses.

The Design Process

We understand that the design process can be overwhelming. From picking the right brand, color, cut, shape, and profile, it can be stressful. Here at Rocky Mountain Reclaimed, we have multiple brands as we mentioned, as well as different color shades. We also have relationships with mills that directly source reclaimed wood, which allows us to get our hands on certain products than others may not be able to find. We can do our very best at finding that specific profile or shade of wood that you are dreaming about having. We work hard to make your dreams into reality!