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With colder weather quickly approaching, ensure the siding protecting your home is tough enough to combat the winter. For those of us in Colorado, seasonal weather can get unpredictable to say the least. Install siding you can trust to give you peace of mind through the cold season and curb appeal unlike any other.

Considering LP SmartSide

While Rocky Mountain Forest Products offers a wide variety of natural wood siding options, we also supply specifically manufactured siding products. These materials are built to last through even the harshest of elements and look great year round.

LP SmartSide is a leader in the siding industry for their manufacturing process that allows for natural-looking materials that are durable for any condition and won’t break the bank. They have a wide range of products and styles for customers to choose from depending on performance needs and design preferences.

These products are widely-loved for their low maintenance, durable design, and variety of styles. When it comes to combating winter weather, manufactured siding options are some of the best. Look for options in your budget and design preferences, and no longer worry about your siding surviving the winter.

Best Options For Tongue And Groove

Tongue and groove siding options share some of the most popular in the area for their versatility, natural look, and resilience through seasonal changes. Because of the tongue and groove structure, these materials are resistant to much of the harsh environments that Colorado endures. Whether you live in an area with an abundance of wind, sun exposure, or even pests, tongue and groove is a great option.

Our top-sellers for tongue and groove are beetle kill pine and cedar. Beetle kill pine is known and loved for its distinctive blue-gray coloring and unique character. It’s also an affordable material that is durable and easy to maintain. Likewise, cedar is naturally resistant to many conditions that we see a lot of in this state.

When In Doubt: Cedar’s Got You Covered

As mentioned, cedar is probably one of the best options when it comes to natural wood materials in the state of Colorado. This is because cedar is naturally great a combating harsh elements like sun exposure, intense dryness, periods of moisture, rot/decay, and even pests. This all-encompassing material is one of the best when it comes to siding on a home. 

Beyond the performance everyone knows and loves about cedar, it is also an exceptionally beautiful material. These products are known for their light coloring with natural streaks of deep grain. Even when sealed or stained, cedar remains gorgeous throughout the year. If you’re up in the air about which materials to use for your own exterior siding, cedar is a solid choice.

Traditional Beauty Of Log Lap

When you think of a winter log cabin, you’ll probably picture log lap siding. This style has been used for centuries and is one of the best at combating winter weather. Because of the thickness of this material, it is able to offer insulation and protection unlike any other. Not to mention, it’s great in the wintertime to provide that cozy cabin aesthetic perfect for any season.

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