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Wherever you are in the world, siding is a necessity. Not only will it protect the exterior of a home, but it also looks phenomenal and will add value time and time again. Whether you’d like a simple cedar look or something exotic to stand out from the crowd, siding is a great addition to any home.

When it comes to location, the variety of siding to protect your home will vary. For those in colder climates, siding profiles that can withstand harsh elements are preferred, while warmer weather will need materials good in sun exposure. Overall, an environment that siding is in will determine the best type of material that should be used. 

Location Determines Material

As mentioned, where you are in the world will determine the best type of material for your home. For those of us living in a Colorado climate, we typically recommend materials that can withstand heavy amounts of sun exposure, dry weather, and copious amounts of snow. 

Beyond matching your fencing materials with the existing environment, it’s also important to note that different locations have different materials available. Not all areas will offer the same styles of fencing. In many states, it is difficult to get hands on exotic materials, while in other areas it can be hard to get basic items like cedar. 

This can also be the case with pricing. Certain regions may have ample material and provide it at lower costs, while other areas will have limited products and must charge a premium. When it comes to siding, location is everything.

Siding For City and Suburban Residents

For many of us living in closer proximity to our neighbors, curb appeal is a huge deal. It’s never been a better time to have your house stand out from the crowd and boost home value. One of the quickest ways to draw eyes is with siding.

Our customer favorite for year round exterior siding is typically cedar or composite materials. Cedar does exceptionally well in Colorado given its ability to withstand dry weather, harsh sunlight, and unpredictable temperatures. Composite is a safe choice for basically any home, as it is artificially built to withstand the elements.

Siding For Rural Living

Those of us who are living rurally know a thing or two about unprecedented climates. These regions can often see some of the craziest storms and high winds than most cities endure. Rural residents need materials that they can depend on.

Beyond the aesthetic that many city folks need siding for, rural residents need siding to protect their home. While many of these people install siding for practical reasons, they also get to reap the rewards of it looking fantastic. Siding in these areas is crucial for the overall safety of many structures given the unpredictable weather patterns and often severe conditions that they face. No matter where in the world you are, siding certainly will elevate the functionality, safety, and curb appeal of your home.

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