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In the era of digital marketing, setting up an online presence is a necessity for those companies looking to be found by their customers. Maybe you just started your fence company, or you’ve been in business for decades. No matter the case, you need an online presence. Many businesses are completely in the dark when it comes to anything to do with digital marketing, but we are here to help! It’s easier than you might think.

Create a website for your fence company

The first step to creating an online presence for your fence company is to create a website. There are tools and platforms that make this an easier process, such as Wix or WordPress. Even Google helps you put a basic website together so you can be found. What should you include on your website? If you’re just trying to get a website up and running, the most basic items you need on your website are the services you offer, the areas you work in, pictures of your work, testimonials and how your customers can contact you. Don’t get caught up in the design aspect of it, you can always make it look better after the basic information is uploaded. If you have the budget or know someone that is tech savvy, hire someone to build a website for you. They will design the website with your brand in mind, including your colors, logo and general feel of your business. This will give validity to your fence company and something to be proud of.

So you have a website, how will your fence company be found online?

There are multiple ways to get found online, but if you’re just starting out- stick to the basics. Write the content on your website around search friendly terms (keywords) that you want to be found for. Words such as “Denver Fence Company” will help your website get ranked and pull up higher in search results when people search that term. Although SEO (search engine optimization) is way more in depth than just having the correct words on your website, this is a good starting point if you don’t have the budget to pay for true SEO.

Consistently writing blogs and uploading new content to your website with your desired keywords will help the performance of your website in search engines. Blogs can be centered around different services you offer, a specific project you have completed or observations you have in the industry. Whatever the case, make sure you use those keywords throughout your blog – or if you have the budget, hire someone to help with your blog optimization.

Free ways for your fence company to be found online

Gone are the days where Facebook was just something the kids did when they were bored or for sharing family photos. Facebook is a powerful tool for your business if you know how to use it. Having the budget to spend money towards ads on Facebook is helpful, but there are ways to achieve success without spending a dime. Make sure your Facebook page is set up in a way that people will easily be able to know what you do. Have the name of your company, pictures of your work and the easiest way to get in touch with you. Many customers prefer to communicate via Facebook, so make sure the Facebook Messenger app is available on your mobile devices so you can respond to customers on the go.

Post relevant content 1-5 times per day to grow your audience. Share photos of your work, educate your audience and share some love with fellow fence companies or people in your industry that you admire. It’s a social game- so make sure you are nice to everyone and have good intentions. People can feel when a company is genuine and are more likely to work with you.

Instagram is also a very powerful tool for businesses in 2019. Similar to Facebook, make sure your Instagram account is set up as a business account and is linked to your Facebook page. Have the most relevant information on your account such as your fence company name, location, phone number, website and what you do. Instagram is a photo sharing platform so make sure you are constantly taking photos of your work. You can also use tools like Canva to design graphics with your logo on them or sayings that are meaningful to you or your business. Instagram is even more social than Facebook so follow, follow, follow. One of the quickest ways to get followers for your own page is to follow others and show them love. You can use apps like Repost to share other people’s work-  but make sure you’re always crediting the original source.

These are just a few examples of ways to set up your online presence for your fence company. Stay tuned for part 2, as we dive into more ways to be seen online!