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Is your scrap wood pile getting bigger with each passing day? Why not put those extra pieces to use with a few DIY projects? Today, we’re sharing 10 fun (and creative) projects you can choose from to take care of that lumber pile. Whether it be creating bird feeders or a chalkboard sign, you’ll be glad that you didn’t toss all of that leftover wood into the dumpster.

Wood Candle Holders

This is an easy project to execute. You just need to stain the holders to a color of your liking. We recommend using gray as it gives off a classy and minimalistic feel. DIY wood candle holders don’t require a lot of materials, and the wood gives off a comfortable, rustic feeling.

Chalkboard sign

This is another scrap wood project you can try for a special occasion or a holiday. Use the chalkboard sign for keeping a Christmas countdown or for tracking your weekly menu or grocery list. You can even use a chalkboard sign for games at family gatherings. Watch the video below to learn how to execute this simple project.

Rustic Shelf

Shelves are a perfect way to de-clutter your home while also adding some elegance to your rooms. You’ll need a drill, screws, a saw, paint if needed, and scrap wood of your choice. Measure out your desired height, width and length and screw together to build your very own rustic shelf.

Computer shelf

Tired of putting your laptop on your bed or home office desk? Build a shelf for a simple solution. This is easy to do; all you’ll need is a nail gun and a few pieces of scrap wood. Plywood should work well for the purpose. You can also use a brad nailer to attach it to the boards.

Plant Boxes

Did you know that wood is an ideal material for elegant plant boxes? These make a great addition to gardens, terraces, and even patios. Plus, you can sell these boxes online or in the market to make a profit from your leftover lumber. Toolbox Divas has published an in-depth blog post on how to make a big plant box using scrap wood. It’s a good read if you’re looking to make some money from your DIY adventures.

Key Hanger

You can also make a decorative key hanger by using two pieces of contrasting wood. A small fob will nest the keys in between the spacers while opposing bevels will help prevent them from falling down. You won’t need a lot of material except scrap wood, wood glue, screws, screw eyes, and a drill. The key hanger will look good on your wall, so gather some wood leftovers and start building.

Bird Feeder

This is a quick and simple way to add some charm to your home’s backyard. The materials you’ll need include wood glue, nails, a saw, and some bird feed. Oh, and of course, a few pieces of scrap wood. Here’s a cool step-by-step DIY bird feeder guide to follow.

Wood vase

You’ve seen glass vases, but wooden vases make a chic statement. Plus, the right approach allows you to add a cool asymmetrical vibe to your vase. Here’s a YouTube video explaining how you can build a scrap wood vase without spending a lot of money.

Ancient Wall

Scrap wood also come in handy when you’re looking to give your home a rustic, farm-style feel. To create an ancient wall, you’ll need some finishing nails, a saw, scrap wood, and adhesive for the paint and wall (if needed). Cut the wood in eye-catching shapes and then hang the pieces on the wall for the desired effect. For example, you can create two triangles and hang one of them facing upward and the other downward.

Murphy Bar

As things warm up and we head into summer, you can look forward to spending time outdoors. You can fold down your homemade Murphy bar (cabinet door that folds into a sturdy work surface) and start slicing those limes for the Margaritas. eHow has a great guide on how to build a fold-out murphy bar with the help of leftover wood.

There’s something very rewarding about making DIY pieces for your house. They can save you money while getting rid of those wood scraps. They also give you a strong sense of satisfaction and make great conversation pieces.