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If you have never designed a deck it can seem like an overwhelming task. Whether you are not a contractor or deck builder you can create a beautiful and functioning deck all on your own!
Trex Decking is one of the leading composite decking choices available today. One of the first things to remember, even before you decide which Trex Decking line is right for you is that your deck should be a personal statement. It should reflect your unique characteristics and incorporate the ways that your family lives. Once you get started you will see that the options are endless despite your budget. Here are some Trex deck tips to help keep you on track!

Trex Deck Tip #1 – Ideas Are Free!

Thousands of people before you have designed their own Trex Deck and with great success. Homeowners, contractors, and deck builders love to share the fruits of their labor and post photos all over the internet. From personal Facebook pages to home décor websites photos of Trex Deck designs are available everywhere and without cost.

Trex Deck Tip #2 – Design For The Way You Live!

What specific activities do you family members take part in when they are enjoying the outdoors? Do you host elaborate parties or are you looking for a place to relax? Do you have children and need extra storage? How often will you be eating meals on your Trex Deck?

Trex Deck Tip #3 – Consider The Flow Of Traffic

When designing your Trex Deck take into consideration the possible flow of traffic. This means placing stairs in opportune places and adding built in seating in corners and rail ways to keep paths clear. Make entrances and exits easily accessible and with enough room to make it functional for carrying items in and out.  

Trex Deck Tip #4 – Shape and Size

Back in the day there was a formula for how big your Trex Deck should be in relation to the size of your home. Today that is not the case and many decks are even more expansive than the homes they are attached to. Again, this is the day and age of outdoor living and extending your usable living space.

Obviously the more intricate your Trex Deck design is the more it is going to cost. This is due to the increased use of decking material because of specialized cuts to accommodate any shape other than rectangular or square. Although curves and angles will give your Trex Deck more pizzazz they can quickly eat up your budget. But, keep in mind that a Trex Deck will add value to your home in the end!

Trex Deck Tip #5 – Plan For An Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are not just for large expansive Trex Decks. They can easily be incorporated into any space. You can install anything from a built-in grill to an entire kitchen with seating, a refrigerator, countertops, and cabinets.

Just keep functionality in mind when deciding where to incorporate it into your Trex Deck. For instance, easy access from inside the house but far enough away not to interfere with heating or cooling.

Trex Deck Tip #6 – Help Your Deck Blend In

Where your Trex Deck attaches to your house innovations have been made to make it blend into the exterior walls of your home. Do they same where your deck meets the yard. Having a graceful transition between your Trex Deck to the grass or patio is important for a finished look. Adding pavers, stones, and/or brick can help your deck blend in to the natural ambiance of the outdoors.

Trex Deck Tip #7 – Don’t Forget Overhead Cover

You will most likely want to etch out an area of your Trex Deck to have overhead coverage. Whether it be from the sun or other elements this is important to ensure complete use of your Trex Deck no matter the weather. You can do this with a pergola or with a completely solid cover from an awning, wood, or other material.


Hopefully these tips will get you started on designing your new Trex Deck or give you ideas to enhance your current one. Do not be overwhelmed because every Trex Deck is meant to be different and an expression of you! If you are looking at building a Trex Deck, give us a call! Here at RMFP we offer a wide variety of Trex decking materials, and we would be more than happy to discuss with you how you can implement them on your next project!