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Rocky Mountain Forest Products is the deck store for all things that you need when renovating your outdoor space, choosing siding, constructing a deck, building a fence, and so much more! We understand that design, functionality, strength, and style are all important to our customers. Our wide selection of decking, railing, fencing, and siding, allows our customers to have multiple options ensuring they get to meet their outdoor design goals. As a deck store, we have the ability to specifically order certain products and customize them to meet customer satisfaction. Let’s dive into all the product specifics here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, the deck store.

Decking (We are a Deck Store After All)

At RMFP, we carry multiple different brands of decking in different types of materials, so that you are sure to find the perfect supplies for your deck. Depending on the climate where you are building, certain elements may work better, which is why we supply different options. We also carry products that range in price to meet everyone’s budget needs.

Decking Types

Each of the brands above have their own attributes that set them aside from each other. Wood decking is more natural looking, whereas Exotic hardwoods give off a high end vibe, and composite is simple and easy to maintain! The best part about shopping with a deck store like RMFP is that we are educated and trained to help you choose the best material for your job specifically. Give us a call if you have any questions regarding an upcoming decking project!


Now what really ties an outdoor job all together are the accents and pieces that are added once it is complete, such as the railings. Your railing sets the tone and feel for the deck and adds additional accents that enhance the look further.

Railing Brands We Carry –

A few of these railing brands we also carry, but in decking. The great thing about this is that a lot of times the brands will design certain deck boards and railings to match. Since we carry both you are able to use the matching designs or mix and match to create your own.


Privacy and security are so important to most homeowners and of course we want to ensure your safe and have the privacy every homeowner deserves. The best way to accommodate both of these things is by adding a fence. We carry a couple different grades of fencing and styles to choose from, with the ability to also customize certain orders if special orders are necessary.

Ranch | Rustic Pickets

  •    Great for penny pinching
  •    Typically used on ranches and farms
  •    Contain check marks, knot holes, and dry rot
  •    20-30% waste

Quality | Standard Pickets

  •    Standard and better grade than most lumber yards and stores
  •    Great for average home and fence
  •    10-15% waste

Premium Pickets

  •    Highest quality material
  •    Usually thicker with very little aesthetic issues
  •    Main applications for business or high end fences
  •    10% waste

Fence Design Options


Siding is vital when it comes to the outside appearance of your home and the curb appeal. The color, and profile of your siding will set the vibe and the mood that people have when they visit your home. Although we are a deck store, we also carry a very large selection of siding and profiles.

Siding Types

There are also alternatives to siding available which could give your home a one of a kind unique look. The specialty siding products we carry are Cedar Shake Shingles and LP Smartside. Both of these would be a perfect way to incorporate a different style into your home.


Last but not least, another way to accent your outdoor space is by adding a pergola. A pergola is a type of archway that typically acts as extra shade over a sitting area, fire pit, hot tub, or pool. The two most common types of pergolas are gable roof and skillion roof. Either one would give you a more complete and high-end look in any outdoor space.

If you would like more information on designing your next deck, railing, fence, siding project or pergola-  give RMFP a call today!