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You may be familiar with the gorgeous hues and towering heights that redwood trees are known for, but did you know that they also make for great decking materials? Redwood is an all natural, durable, and easy to work with material sought after by builders across the world. It’s lightweight enough for effortless installation without sacrificing strength and longevity. Decks are usually a high traffic area, especially in the summer months. Redwood will hold up well with added weight and environmental pressures like sun exposure. It also does a great job of combating temperature extremes and can even resist possible damage from harsh weather conditions.

All of our redwood decking products that we carry at Rocky Mountain Forest Products are Humboldt Redwood. Humboldt is a redwood manufacturer located just outside of Scotia, CA. They are a family and community based company that generously chooses to work with non-profit agencies, funding and giving donations for programs and events. Humboldt is a reliable manufacturer, known for supplying “sustainably harvested, naturally strong, and naturally beautiful redwood.” They’re sustainably responsible and reliably ethical at every point of their manufacturing process. Nowadays, it can be difficult to find a supplier you trust. We’ve been in business long enough to understand the challenges that many people face when choosing a manufacturer, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to offer our customers the very best of what Humboldt Redwood has to offer.

Benefits of RMFP Redwood Decking

The number one feature of redwood decking that draws eyes from all over is its magnificent red coloring. The vibrant red hues and detailed grains that redwood has to offer makes this material stand out and look beautiful in any outdoor landscape. Many who install redwood decking choose to not stain in order to keep its gorgeous natural colors. If you’re worried about damage, a simple clear stain on top of the materials may go a long way in protecting your deck from unpredictable elements. Redwood takes stain very well and can be re-stained as frequently as you desire. 

As we previously mentioned, redwood is a great material to work with. We supply redwood because of its popularity among builders. It’s rare to come across a lightweight wood species that’s also incredibly durable and can stand the test of time. Redwood is a softer wood, so cutting, nailing, and drilling during installation and manufacturing is a breeze. If you’re looking for decking that requires very little and looks fantastic with only minor improvements throughout the years, redwood is ideal for you.

Another major benefit that redwood decking provides is its exceptional quality for an affordable price. It’s one of the most inexpensive decking material options out there, and performs as one of the best. Redwood is a budget-friendly choice that checks all of the boxes in terms of looks and functionality. You really cannot go wrong with this awesome species of lumber. 

Redwood Decking Maintenance and Safety

Redwood is one of the easiest varieties of wood to care for. Other than occasionally checking for damage every year or so, your deck will require almost no attention to stay looking like new. As you would normally, we recommend to follow the guidelines of your manufacturer or contractor following installation. Certain locations and variations may require different upkeep methods. 

Decking made with redwood is naturally mold and pest resistant, making it extremely desirable in places with high moisture or density of critters. It’s perfect for all outdoor settings ranging from arid, hot climates to damp and frigid cold. Redwood will also do just fine in an indoor setting as well. If you have an area that would work as a sunroom or other enclosed space, redwood does a phenomenal job of holding up well and looking brand new for years.

Redwood is environmentally friendly and far more sustainable than most other decking options. Redwood forests that are managed well are effective at reducing the build-up of carbon in the air, aiding in global warming and climate change. Redwood is also a safe option for your property due to its superior fire rating. All of Humboldt Redwood’s products are rated class B for fire resistance. This allows you the peace of mind knowing that your deck will hold up well in the case of a natural disaster like a fire.

To learn more about redwood decking or to get started today, give our specialists a call with any questions or concerns about our buying process. Redwood decking is a natural beauty in any outdoor space. We guarantee you’ll love and enjoy it for decades to come!