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Guys, your man cave is your space to runaway and spend time with the bros. When you step into your man cave, whether it be in your attic, guest bedroom, or basement you want to step into a different location than your house. You want to enter the club and visit the bar, play darts, shoot some pool, and watch the latest football game. This is your spot to escape the diapers, kid toys, all your wife’s stuff… it’s yours. This space should be the ultimate man cave with the ultimate décor choices. Here are some options!

Dart Wall

Darts are the number one thing guys like to do at the bar with their buddies, we get that. However, your wife will not like it if darts go through your wall. Take some reclaimed wood and add the wood cladding to the wall you are using as your dart wall. You want the darts to hit the wood and not the wall. The best thing about reclaimed wood is that it is rugged and hundreds of years old, so a few holes from a dart won’t hurt it or the look of it.

Reclaimed Bar

Now let’s talk about the bar, the place where the party starts. You want it to be epic with lighting, dark masculine granite, beer taps, and endless options of liquor. Reclaimed wood is rustic and masculine and perfect for accenting a space to look design worthy. Wrap your bar with reclaimed wood and add some lighting to make it look and feel as if you are entering the club.

Sports Teams

Do you live by sports? Do you eat, live, and breathe it during football, hockey or baseball season? If so, you know you want some sports décor in your man cave. If so, take some reclaimed wood that has been milled for resale, nail together a few pieces and paint your team’s logo or colors of them. This is a great alternative for adding your sports team touches to your man cave while still being stylish and keeping the Misses happy!

Bar Wall

This is a great idea for any room even if it’s not a man cave. Take some reclaimed wood boards and build a bar built into the wall. Basically, how you do this is- on this slab of reclaimed wood, add some hooks to hang your favorite beer mugs and shelving for other mixed drink glasses. Add a bottle opener and some extra shelving for your favorite bottles of liquor.


Furniture is a necessity in any man cave, especially as a place to put your drink during the game while you cheer. Reclaimed wood can be used as furniture, because it is so durable and sturdy. Make some side tables, high bar tables, or even a coffee table to center in between your couches and recliners. A creative idea, if you can get your hands on them, is using old whiskey barrels as tables by adding a top on them. This is a creative and unique idea that we bet none of your friends have in their man cave.

Pool Cue Holder

If you have a pool table in your man cave, which we are sure you do, make a holder stand for all of your pool table essentials, such as your chalk blocks, triangle, extra balls if you have them, and the pool cues themselves. If everything else in your man cave is made of reclaimed wood, you might as well add one more thing, right?

If you use these few ideas as an inspiration for your man cave, along with other ideas from friends- you are bound and determined to have the ultimate man cave out of all your bros. No one wants to spend time watching the game in a dark, stuffy room with bare walls and no party lights or sports team swagger, so don’t be that guy that everyone avoids coming over to hang out with. Be the guy that all your friends rave and die over your man cave. Now that your space is designed, it’s time to host a Sunday get together or maybe the go to spot for Football Sundays.