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For your home, a wood privacy fence means so much more than just privacy.

We all know that privacy fences are a great attribute for outlining your property, and for giving you and your family some privacy while in your backyard. But it is so much more than that. So, if your home doesn’t have a privacy fence already, the following are some good reasons why you should consider building one. If you already have one, check to make sure it is still in good condition. That it isn’t rotted, boards aren’t loose, and that it is securely in the ground. If not, we can help you with your wood privacy fence.

Here are the reasons why you need a wood privacy fence to outline your property:


Depending on where you live you may have some concern with security over the other aspect of your design. Are you trying to keep people out? Or are you just trying to keep your pet and/or children in? It’s important to understand this difference as it will change the design of your fence and what materials you may consider. In turn this will affect the height of your fence.

If you want security from the world outside your property then you may want to go with a design that at least 6 feet high, has a lack of places to grip and climb over, can hold up well to pressure, and has a strong and lockable gate. Deter from certain designs with horizontal boards on the outside that could make climbing easier.

wood privacy fence


A lot of people like wood for its organic beauty, and that it tends to be more aesthetically pleasing. Others choose metal fencing because it is far easier to maintain and does the job of keeping your pets on the property. While metal and glass fencing can often be done beautifully, especially around pools or on rooftops, often people choose wood over other materials. Especially when taking into account that wood fencing is easier and cheaper to repair if it becomes damaged.

Some of the most widely chosen woods for fencing projects are cedar and redwood. This is largely due to the natural oils and acids that remain in the wood even after being cut which helps to repel moisture and can often keep the wood from rotting or warping over time. These woods also naturally repel bugs and termites, leading to less damage that other woods may undergo, ending in a longer lasting fence with less maintenance.

Redwood has more density than cedar, which can help protect it from splintering and other weather damage. But redwood tends to be more expensive as well. The woods look different under stains and sealants; redwood tends to be darker than cedar, which is more of a golden color.

Noise Reduction

A wood fence provides an extra benefit over other fencing materials- noise reduction. This is extra beneficial if your home is very close to others, or nearby busy roads or businesses. It’s also great for your neighbors if you and your family like to throw parties. Of course, it can only aid so much in the reduction of such noise, but it is more effective than other materials in this regard. Especially when you put trees in front of the fence.

wood privacy fence

Property Value

Surprisingly, your property value goes up when you have a wood privacy fence. This is because of the outlined benefits mentioned above. People don’t want their properties directly visible to their neighbors, to strangers. It’s like inviting people to walk straight up to your back door. Putting that extra barrier between your home and your surroundings will give you some peace of mind. But it will also make your home more appealing to potential homebuyers should you ever sell it.


Before you begin building or updating though, there are some things you need to consider. Some of the most basic include:

  • budget
  • materials
  • your property line
  • local building regulations
  • possible HOA regulations
  • undergroud plumbing and electrical lines
  • design

If you’re looking to build a new wood privacy fence, or upgrade your existing one, give us a call at: 866-534-2108. Or you can visit our Rocky Mountain Forest Product contact page.